UZA’s Message Of Hope To Zimbabweans
1 January 2023
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UZA 2023 Message of Hope

1 January 2023

Dear Patriots and friends of the United Zimbabwe Alliance,

When we began 2022, the UZA Party had just a few members – but we had great determination, a clear vision and optimism for our country’s bright future.

Over the past 12 months, we have seen a steady growth in support. UZA is now represented in almost every Constituency and as UZA Party Structures are being formed, our standing for the 2023 general elections grows stronger.

I want to take a moment to look back at the year and recognize some of the achievements, all of which were made possible with the support of you, the citizens of our great nation:

-The UZA Party Launch Event was held on 16 March 2022

-UZA participated in the 26 March By-Elections fielding candidates in Midlands and Harare UZA celebrated its first anniversary on 29 May 2022

-UZA held its first Press conference on 3 June 2022

-UZA released a new Party website at which provides a repository of party documents, reflects the activities of the party and facilitates broader visibility and engagement

-The UZA Presidium visited most Provinces in Zimbabwe and engaged citizens in Matebeleland North, Masvingo, Manicaland, Mashonaland East, Mashonaland Central, Bulawayo, Midlands and Harare. The Presidium also visited Zimbabweans and UZA Party leaders in South Africa and the United Kingdom.

-In addition to growing our Party Structures throughout Zimbabwe, UZA increased citizens engagement in diaspora and is establishing active diaspora Paty Structures

-UZA appointed a growing team of Secretariat that is well equipped and fully functional UZA office infrastructure was constructed for UZA Secretariat and hosted leadership meetings 520,000 UZA Flyers in English, Shona, Ndebele, Tonga and Nambya were printed and distributed throughout Zimbabwe. 92,000 pieces of UZA regalia including t-shirts, caps, hats and wraps were distributed to UZA Party Members and party supporters

-An increased number of vehicles were acquired for use as part of the UZA Party fleet UZA launched a billboard campaign beginning in Harare and Midlands

-UZA expanded social media presence with handles for @presvalerio @uzalliance and others and has engaged a highly competent media team

-Provincial Chairs from the UZA Youth Wing and Women’s Wing convened a strategy meeting focusing on enterprise planning
UZA conducted Provincial Leader Induction Workshops for 341 UZA Provincial leaders.

Looking ahead, we remain fully focused. There is still much to be done to strengthen our party structures and to increase voter registration and citizens engagement.

Our Patriots also have the important task of selecting the leaders that will represent UZA in the 2023 general elections.

Focusing more broadly on Zimbabwe, we are painfully aware that this year, like many before, has been a very difficult year for the majority of Zimbabweans.

Our nation has been plagued by challenges most of which emanate from gross mismanagement; lack of constitutional compliance; failure to adhere to the rule of law; corruption; deteriorating infrastructure; inconsistent delivery of water and electricity; and a failed health delivery system.

Many of these challenges emanate from a leadership vacuum. Our current leaders do not have the national development agenda at heart.

Economic Outlook

The current policy reforms have not improved the economic standing of the country let alone the lives and general wellbeing of the ordinary Zimbabwean.

The majority of our citizens live in abject poverty and have access to only one or two meals a day.

The Covid-19 pandemic worsened the circumstances of many causing untold suffering for Zimbabweans socially, mentally and economically.

School dropouts are on the rise and in particular, young girls including minors are being forced out of school while others are married off. Their plight is exacerbated by increased poverty.

Economic policy reforms that have been implemented by the current government lack cohesion and appear to be disconnected from the real economic challenges bedeviling our nation.

There is a great need for sustainable macroeconomic stabilisation that focuses on comprehensive economic growth and job creation.

Government must adopt a people first approach when coming up with economic policies.
UZA will adopt a rights based approach so as to address the basic needs of Zimbabweans.

Our thrust is an empowered society and a human centred approach to development taking into account citizens engagement, gender inclusivity, accountability, environmental sustainability and employment opportunities.

Zimbabwe must once more gain its trade status regionally and internationally as the breadbasket of Southern Africa.

Economic growth should boost industry and innovation and translate to more jobs and prosperous enterprises.

Poverty reduction strategies should not only be on paper and are not to be left as the responsibility of foreigners or NGOs. They should be effectively implemented and felt within communities.

Rule of Law

It is sad that at the close of 2022, our nation is carrying forward injustices against politically connected individuals such as Job Sikhala who today, still is languishing in remand prison despite bail being a Constitutional right.

When the late former President Robert Mugabe was ousted from power many promises were made. Government was said to be turning over a new leaf – but sadly, there still appears to be a partisan approach in the application of justice.

Come 2023, we fear that Zimbabwe will witness the continued persecution of opposition stalwarts.

This persecution will potentially worsen our reputation as a nation. Zimbabwe is a Constitutional democracy.

The current government should walk the talk and stop using state apparatus to settle and score political points against its perceived opponents. The law should not be applied selectively.

Gender Inclusivity

Gender inequalities still exist in Zimbabwe. Structural imbalances are still prevalent in our social, economic and political spheres.

While government has over the years tried to redress these inequalities, the interventions have failed to rectify the existing disparities.

This is why even today in Zimbabwe poverty has a female face. As we head into 2023, it is imperative for government to foster and improve pathways that promote
equality and equity.

Our party will ensure the decentralization of primary health care, prioritize infrastructure development and promote women and youth empowerment as we understand that the future is young.

Equality and equity are possible. A priority should be made towards addressing the challenges being faced by women and girls.

UZA is a government in waiting with clear policy objectives for functional social protection systems.

Our approach entails identifying the causes and preventing, alleviating and reducing the risks that plunge our citizens into poverty.

As 2023 begins, it is important for citizens to recognize that a new, better Zimbabwe is a reality and can be achieved this year.

UZA has an integrated national social protection strategy to lift Zimbabweans out of the doldrums of poverty.

UZA Party implores all Zimbabweans not to lose hope and to remain optimistic. Let’s unite and build a better tomorrow.

We envision a prosperous nation where citizens will lead better lives with dignity.

We must remain united and peaceful knowing that Zimbabwe is for all of us.

Let us all exercise our constitutional rights.

Register to vote and vote in the 2023 elections. When we elect
responsible and competent leaders, we are assured that Zimbabwe will be properly developed.

The onus is on us as citizens to vote for competency in 2023.

We cannot predict what will come, but what’s certain is that we remain committed to building a strong
Zimbabwe with you.

On behalf of the entire UZA leadership, thank you for doing your part to build UZA, the
government Zimbabwe has been waiting for.

Together we can build a strong and better Zimbabwe.

Happy New Year fellow Zimbabweans!

UZA Statement
UZA Statement
UZA Statement