BREAKING: Missing UK Man Posts A FB Update Following Sekuru Tembo “Witchcraft Attack” Trick
3 January 2023
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By A Correspondent | The missing Manchester Zimbabwean, Patrick Mukanganise has posted an update on his Facebook portal.

Mukanganise, who went missing on 30 Dec 2022, is the “victim” of a poison attack (see transcript of the consultation at the bottom of the article) supposedly performed by his wife who wants him to get stupid so that she can date another man, according some leaked audio recordings.

The Manchester Police community appeal

While it could not be ascertained if the poster is trully Mukanganise himself, several people were on Tuesday reaching out to him offering help.

“Sending love, hope you are okay,” said Kirsty Murray, while others were more direct.

“We love you isuuu,” wrote Ivy Muriva.

Another, Tendai Shona Tsopota, revealed Makanganise has been found. He wrote thanking Manchester Police saying, “wow wow thank YOU GOD,
My Jesus you’re great.
Friends and family Patrick Mukanganise is alive and well.
Thank you Greater Manchester Police ……….”

On an unknown date, a woman with the same voice as Mukanganise’s wife is heard consulting a South Africa based so called, Sekuru Tembo, and the conversation is as below.

Tendai Maturure confirmed to ZimEye she is the one who consulted the said male witch Sekuru Tembo for methods of causing hurt on her husband so that she can bed a Nigerian boyfriend.

Sekuru Tembo: “I put your photo into the vessel. The following morning, if the tree (a mufandichimuka) is dry, if it is leafy, I will put it into a hari (pot), it means something.

Right now we can now talk.”

Tendai Mukanganise: “Good day Sekuru, you said you will put my pic into the pot, with the tree, but the issue is of this person who says he likes me, but he hasn’t proposed. So how will this work out in the future?

Sekuru Tembo: When I mean I have put the man into the sack, I mean that I will have pleaded and chanted out using his totem (African surname), so that he starts only thinking about you.

“Putting him into the sack is so that he becomes stupid, all he does is to think about you. Do you still need to understand?

Tendai Mukanganise: “I was only told by my friend that Sekuru Tembo puts someone into a sack; But I had no clue what it means. What I am asking you is so that this man who left me, must go mad, you trap him up so that his life fails for good, and this Nigerian be turned up for me (become interested in me).

Sekuru Tembo: Not a problem amaMoyo; but right now I have people knocking on my door, they want me to help them with a chidhoma matter affecting someone. I don’t know what time you go to work. Let me talk to them.”