Tsikamutandas For ED On Rampage In Mnangagwa’s Homestead Stealing Cattle
9 January 2023
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Dear Editor

Hundreds of villagers have lost cattle to tsikamutandas who claim to have been government sent and approved by his Excellency the President to come and cleanse the district. Currently, based in Murowa ward under the newly installed Chief Mazvihwa in Zvishavane district, these six young men move from village to village forcing people to attend their cleansing rituals.

They instill fear unto the poor villagers by claiming their operation was government approved and they are tsikamutandas for E.D. Anyone who dares to challenge them is deemed a witch and a member of the opposition who is against the government. Should one seek further clarification on their operation they fall into trance and claim to be speaking with the presidency and getting instructions from same. Thereafter, the inquirer is told the soldiers will come to deal with him/her and the whole family. These young men have mastered and perfected the art of instilling fear among the villagers.

As they move from homestead to homestead they point out witches and those who have acquired goblins. Using their “supernatural” powers they remove goblins, spooks, pythons, hyenas, coffins and other blood stained and scary objects. Their minimum charge is a cow and in some cases the number goes up to 6. While their charges have left a lot of villagers poorer their operations have sowed deep rooted enemity among the families and villagers. Cleaver ones are now using these tsikamutandas to settle personal vendettas.

Many villagers are wondering as to why the government approved such a bizarre operation when Zimbabwe is a Christian country. These young men are conmen magicians and tricksters who must be apprehended and charged for conning people. The use of the presidency in their operations calls for the president’s office to act accordingly. We can’t tolerate a situation whereby magicians abuse the presidency and conning poor villagers.

Concerned Citizen