MUREHWA EXCLUSIVE: Dominic Mavhere Says I Don’t Even Live in Murehwa, I Live In Murehwa, I Live Kwekwe
11 January 2023
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By A Correspondent | The investigation into the beating of elderly members of the Murehwa Community last Friday have taken a twist after a ZANU PF youth, Dominic Mavhere contradicted himself concerning his whereabouts.

Dominic Mavhere

Mavhere is at the top of the list of youths positively identified to be one of those responsible for the violence meted against several elderly members of the Citizens Coalition For Change, and he has shifted statements saying he is not at all based in Murehwa, while at the same time telling ZimEye in a live interview that he is based at Murehwa Centre.

The following are the confessions-

SIMBA CHIKANZA: Cde Mavhere, there are people on the group, who are talking, [and] they are identifying you before the Murehwa incident.

DOMINIC MAVHERE: Do you want to talk to me or you want to slam me?

SIMBA CHIKANZA: I am not slamming you.

DOMINIC MAVHERE: I want to get facts with you, of just one person who says I slapped them. I don’t want too many people, I just want one person who says they were assaulted by me…and then say where I assaulted them.

SIMBA CHIKANZA: They are there. Are you telling me all these people are lying?

DOMINIC MAVHERE: Which group is this? Which group are they?


DOMINIC MAVHERE: You have come up well Cde, You see all those people, they belong to Murehwa and Uzumba, I don’t live in Uzumba, I’ve never been to Uzumba, I live at Murehwa Centre. Isn’t it? Hello. Right. I want you to ask those people who say I assaulted them, ask them where they are. If you check those people are in SA, they are not at all in Zimbabwe.

In the interview with ZimEye’s Simba Chikanza, Dominic Mavhere said he is based in Murehwa. But in an earlier conversation the previous day, with a resident identified as a Dube, Dominic Mavhere said though he is originally from Murehwa, he is based in Kwekwe, going to the point of making it clear that he is physically in Kwekwe- and the following was the brief convo:


DUBE: Bambo how are you?


DUBE: Where are you are you in Murehwa?

DOMINIC MAVHERE: Who is talking?

DUBE: I am Dube.

DOMINIC MAVHERE: Murehwa is where I come from but I am not based in Murehwa.

DUBE: I see. Where are you right now?

DOMINIC MAVHERE: I am in Kwekwe.

DUBE: You’re in Kwekwe?


DUBE: It’s fine. So when do you return to Murehwa?

DOMINIC MAVHERE: You said what?

DUBE: When do you return to Murehwa?

DOMINIC MAVHERE: I don’t know yet when I shall return.

So, if you’re in Kwekwe, there is someone called Tichaona who will phone you if you are in Kwekwe.