Voters’ Roll- ZEC Tells Political Parties To Go To Court
21 January 2023
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By A Correspondent- The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) says it will not comment on the request for the electronic voters roll until the courts have made a ruling on the matter.

Following Team Pachedu’s accusations of manipulation, civic society organisations, as well as political parties, have requested access to the computerized voters’ roll.

However, in a Twitter post, the commission said:

The issue concerning availing the electronic voters roll to those who request it is before the courts or sub-judice hence the commission will not comment on that matter until there is a court determination’

The Election Resource Centre (ERC), a local watchdog, is among the organisations that tried in vain to get a copy of the voters’ roll.

ERC said without the voters’ roll, it will be impossible to know if the boundaries created by the delimitation process have followed the law and if indeed votes are equal.