South African Mercenaries Accused Of Killing Eswatini Rights Lawyer
23 January 2023
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Former South African legislator Phumzile Van Damme has revealed that she has a detailed list of South African mercenaries who were allegedly hired by Eswatini leader King Mswati to assassinate human rights lawyer Thulani Maseko.

Maseko, a human rights lawyer, was shot dead on Sunday night at his home in Luyengo, Eswatini.

Van Damme has since the let the cat out of the bag saying she has classified information on the people behind Maseko’s murder.

He was also a columnist who had a pending court battle with King Mswati III over the move to rename the country Eswatini by decree.

The human rights lawyer also chaired the Multi-Stakeholders Forum (MSF), a collaboration of political parties and civil society groups working to amplify calls for democratic reforms.