12 Months Of Yellow Revolution
26 January 2023
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Citizens Coalition for Change Namibia commemorates its 1st anniversary today!

24 January 2023

Citizens in Namibia who subscribe to the yellow revolution championed by the organic and pragmatic leader President Advocate Nelson Chamisa join the rest of the globe in the historic commemorations of the 1st anniversary of CCC since its inception on the 24th of January 2022.

Today is a special day for all change champions in Zimbabwe and the diaspora as we wish the people’s party a resounding victory against the politically inept ZANU-PF party.

On this particular day, the people’s party was announced to the patiently waiting citizens at Bronte Hotel after it was established on the 22nd of January 2022. The party was formed after heated squabbles arose over the party name “MDC Alliance”.

The diligent change champion-in-chief presented yellow as the new color and raised an index finger as the new symbol. After forming the vibrant and oversubscribed party, most MDC Alliance MPs and councilors who displayed absolute allegiance to President Chamisa were illegally recalled by the ZANU-PF-backed Douglas Mwonzora, who took over MDC Alliance.

By-elections were later called in the 28 seats which were conducted on 26 March 2022 in which the new baby (CCC) scooped 19 and the ZANU-PF party rigged 9 seats with over-ambitious Douglas Mwonzora harvesting zeros at most polling stations.

Weeks before the by-elections saw government-sponsored violence against CCC(including violence at a CCC rally in Kwekwe which led to the human butchery of Mboneni Ncube, unjustified behavior from the captured Zimbabwe Republic Police(ZRP) which include the banning of CCC rallies across the breadth and lengths of the motherland, beating up of innocent party supporters, arbitrary arrests of party officials such as Tendai Biti and Madzibaba veShanduko.

Change champions are quite cobra-headed on the continued spate of state-sponsored violence in the motherland targeted at CCC members. We have endured politically motivated violence at the hands of ZANU-PF thugs who continue with impunity. Our old-aged members are brutally assaulted and jailed without trial for long periods. Women are being stripped naked and sexually abused for belonging to the yellow train. There was violence in all rural areas visited by the political dynamo, President Advocate Nelson Chamisa.

Job Saro Wiwa Sikhala is still incarcerated since June 14 because he is the Vice Chairperson of this great movement.

14 others from Nyatsime including Hon Godfrey Karakadzayi Sithole endured more than 5 months at Chikurubi Maximum Prison on concocted charges. The movement lost Moreblessing Ali in Nyatsime, she was callously murdered for belonging to the change that delivers. We call upon all progressive citizens across the globe to amplify their voices clamoring for the immediate release of the Budiriro 26 and all prisoners of conscience.









CCC Namibia Rundu Branch
Interim Spokesperson Robson Ruhanya