Lack Of Sound Sponsorship Main Challenge In Mining
31 January 2023
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By A Correspondent| Lack of sound sponsorship and dearth of basic empowerment skills are the main problems affecting artisanal miners.

Lack of insurance is another factor affecting miners.

In a bid to empower and equip miners with essential skills, Three Wingers Enterprises, a Zimbabwean company that focuses on mining consultancy, has embarked on offering theoretical and practical assistance to miners.

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Artisanal mining is sustained by what is commonly called sponsorship, sponsors bring money , food , diesel , explosives , headgears and expertise.

They either bring all or one of them to help miner owner and workers achieve what they couldn’t do on their own .

Bringing all increases risks of huge loses but decreases chances of losing when you indeed make money . Basically sponsorship is the unrecognised life blood of Artisanal mining directly or indirectly. It ranges from formal agreements, informal written to equipment hire loan , truck loan , milling loan even informal cash loan of mouth watering amounts passed within two parties without any writing on paper .

Those that are usually paid back come with huge profits of over 100% those who are not paid back usually disappear for ever .

We once wanted to do a video documentary of how it disappear or multiple by giving a full recorded mining activity from day one unfortunately resources limited us . In these series we will first list in this article reasons why some of the sponsorship monies are not paid back then cover in detail explain how it works .
1 under sponsorship
2 lack of knowledge of Artisanal mining
3 improper monitoring tools
4 lack of insurance ( guarantee)
5 hitting a gold dry spell
6 failing to include all parties when signing.

This is a situation whereby you sponsor with insufficient funds and leave key areas of the transaction to make it a success unattended risking low returns or encouraging other co-sponsors to be included without your knowledge to come in with better understanding of mining thereby taking you out of the picture.
Before you sponsor ask questions that would clearly paint the picture of exactly how much is the total cost of the transaction who covers what and what is expected of you how long it will take ( always multiply their estimated time by 3 ) . Sometimes what the miner owner needs is money for personal use let that be spelled out clearly know what you are getting into most things used at the mine are found in all major towns in Zimbabwe. Inorder to reduce risks look for a mining consultancy company to do analysis and agreements writing for you at a fee .

Below is a general list of first level mining and general prices then lastly available ongoing mines ready for sponsorships
1 compressor hire 10% of proceeds
2diesel 200litres
3 explosives set 3boxes 1000usd
4 Food 150usd
5 Petty cash 100usd
6 ore transportation and permits paid after process .

List of sponsorship opportunities
1 mining consultant company 3000usd long term engagement terms discussed
2 repairing tanks 1500usd longterm with minimum returns 300usd per month .

3 explosives and diesel x 4mines
4 mine open full scale joint venture open budget
5 Lithium mines both joint venture and purchase.

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