Zimcelebs In Trouble Over ‘Defamatory’ Kambucha Post
31 January 2023
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By A Correspondent| Zimcelebs social media platform has landed itself in serious trouble with the manufacturers of Kambucha drink over an unverified post in which they shared what they said was the process involved in producing the popular beverage.

In a letter to Zimcelebs, Kambucha Fresh Private Limited through their lawyer Admire Rubaya of Rubaya and Chatambudza Legal Practitioners, demanded the unconditional withdrawal of the defamatory statement within 12 hours failure of which they will institute criminal charges against the page administrators.

Kambucha Fresh Private Limited workers inside their factory. This picture is different from the ones shared by Zimcelebs

“In light of the above, our strict instructions are to demand, as we hereby do, the publication of a full, unconditional and unreserved withdrawal of that defamatory statement, pictures and the related imputation together with an expression of regret on the same within 12 hours of receiving this letter,” said Rubaya.

Rubaya said pictures used on the Zimcelebs had nothing to do with their company which has a traceable record of clean, well manufactured and scientifically tested Kambucha drinks.

“We advice you that if you had undertaken proper research, you would have discovered that our client is a leading manufacturer and distributor of the Kambucha drink in Zimbabwe with a very strong national and international ties, links and partnerships with other businesses,” added Rubaya.

He added that the pictures used by Zimcelebs showed a Zambian product unrelated to Kambucha from Kambucha Fresh Private Limited.

He accused Zimcelebs of failing to give Kambucha a chance to make representations or to physically visit their factory before publishing “such a malicious statement.”

“For the avoidance of doubt, we reiterate that it is factually incorrect that our client owns or operates from the premises which you captured.Our client denies the premises that you posted as it’s manufacturing plant,

“In fact, our client further challenges to divulge your source because our client asserts that you simply took pictures from social media and attributed the same to it without verifying information prior to posting such defamatory pictures and statement,” said Rubaya.

Meanwhile, some social media users have also complained against Zimcelebs accusing them of publishing unverified information.

“Seems like Zim Celebs is uncontested in terms of unverified and fake news,” said one Facebook user by the name Sabhuku Nenguwo.