Stingy Hubby Hauled To Court
4 February 2023
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By A Correspondent- A Harare woman took her ex-husband to the Harare Civil Court claiming US$200 as child support for their minor child.

Brenda Gwande told the court that her ex-husband, Bernard Mudimu, is stingy when it comes to supporting his youngest child.

“He spends US$20 on fuel every three days, but is stingy when it comes to his child. He is not cooperating even when it comes to the child’s birth certificate.

Anyway, if he doesn’t man up to his responsibilities, l can do it on my own.

He doesn’t stay with any children, his other children from another wife actually call me asking for money saying their father has abandoned them,” she said.

Bernard said he had custody of two other children whose mother passed away.

l barely earn enough, but l want the best for my child and when l get a stable job, l will apply for an upward variation on my own. When l call her for us to get a birth certificate for the child, she ignores my calls,” he said.

Magistrate Sharon Mashavire ordered Bernard to pay $35 000 and to buy clothes twice a year.

— HMetro