Kalimbwe Speaks For First Time After Police Release, ‘Zambia’s Change Is Not Enough!’
7 February 2023
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By A Correspondent | The UPND Information Secretary, Joseph Kalimbwe has spoken for the first time after his arrest on allegations of “disturbing the peace,” at Lusaka Police Station.

Kalimbwe was arrested Saturday morning and his accuser who is the UPND Youth Chairperson Gilbert Liswaniso claimed he had been arrested on charges of impersonating him (Liswaniso) and this for financial gain during his supposed recent visit to Zimbabwe. Liswaniso claims that Kalimbwe received money from CCC leader Nelson Chamisa while representing him.

Kalimbwe has not been to Zimbabwe at any time during the time Liswaniso suggests so.

Speaking exclusively to ZimEye, Liswaniso told this news network, he is in charge of all Zambia’s youths.

He said, ” I’m in charge of the young people in this country, okay? I know how I deal with my young people in this country you cannot tell me anything you.

“I know all the youth in this country who fought battles with Hakainde Hichilema. Okay?

“But if you’re going to use impersonating in the name to become popular.

“Do you know that even shitting in a public, you can become popular? Do you know that?”

Responding to the matter, Kalimbwe said he has no apologies for supporting opposition parties outside Zambia. He said in brief –

I supported democratic reforms in other nations: Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Eswathini, because I believe then and I still believe now that the change that we voted in Zambia is not enough…when some of our friends are still going through the very same persecution that we went through, but I’ve come to understand that when you’re speaking certain things there could be ramifications, there could be problems that come with that. I want to state here that I remain very loyal to the Zambian struggle, because this is the nation that raised me… but the politics of this nation have always been tribal….