Instead Of Cancer Machine, ZANU PF MP Donates Mortuary To Hospital
18 February 2023
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NYAMANDLOVU District Hospital finally has a functioning mortuary thanks to the Minister of State for Matabeleland North Provincial Affairs and Devolution Richard Moyo, who used US$50 000 of his own to bankroll the construction of the morgue which will service over 200 000 villagers in Umguza district.
New mortuary, thanks to the Minister of State for Matabeleland North Provincial Affairs and Devolution Richard Moyo.

Since 2015, villagers had to take the remains of their relatives to Bulawayo mortuaries or were forced to bury the dead before they decomposed after the district hospital mortuary became

Having realised the challenge that villagers from Umguza district were facing, Minister Moyo felt the need to do good for his constituency.

Minister Richard Moyo yesterday unveils a plaque to officially open Nyamandlovu District Hospital As someone who is a leader in the community as well as a resident of the district, I was aware of the challenges that the people are facing. What my people had been exposed to is not healthy and it was no longer in accordance with our traditions and cultures. Having gone for many years without a mortuary I had to step up as a community leader and address the situation, hence the reason I chose to channel my personal funds towards the construction of the mortuary,” said Minister Moyo.

He said the development of Umguza district was the responsibility of everyone in the community and that is what pushed him to lead by example.

Matabeleland North Provincial Medical Director, Mr Admire Kuretu said the commissioning of the mortuary shows that Minister Moyo is the ideal leader of the province.

“We greatly appreciate the great works that our minister is doing in our district, this shows that we voted for the right person and we are being represented well. Such generous works by the minister show that he has truly embraced the spirit of oneness and moving together as one. While the minister could have chosen to do something good for his family, he chose to channel that money towards construction of a state-of-the-art mortuary to the aid of his community,” said Mr Kuretu.

“We are truly grateful as residents of Umguza for what our minister has done for us. It is with great gratitude that we appreciate the works that he has been implementing in our constituency as a whole. This donation of a mortuary will go a long way in solving the challenges that we were facing as people of Umguza.

“Since we did not have a mortuary we were either forced to send the bodies of our departed to mortuaries to Bulawayo or bury them in a rush. Since the time the minister was sworn into office, he has shown great dedication and will for the people of Umguza. We wish that he continues being the person that he is and continues to develop our constituency,” said Chief Deli.

A villager, Mrs Margaret Masiza said she appreciates the efforts by the minister.

“We are grateful for having a listening leader in our constituency. He has always made efforts in delivering our pleas as a community. The President made the right choice by appointing him as the Minister of State because he has used his position to do good deeds in developing our district. This shows that he has truly adopted the President’s spirit of moving together and leaving no place behind,” she said. -state media