Three Die In Another Earthquake
23 February 2023
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RESCUERS are once again searching for people trapped under rubble in Turkey after another earthquake hit the country, killing at least three people.

A 6.4 magnitude tremor struck near the city of Antakya close to the border with Syria, where massive quakes hit the two countries on the 6th of February.

The earlier quakes killed 44,000 people in Turkey and Syria with tens of thousands more left homeless.

Buildings weakened by the tremors collapsed with Turkey’s disaster and emergency agency saying Monday’s 6.4 earthquake was followed by a 5.8 aftershock three minutes later and 31 subsequent aftershocks that were not as severe.

Turkish Interior Minister, Süleyman Soylu said the three deaths were recorded in Antakya, Defne, and Samandag, and urged people not to enter potentially dangerous buildings.

This comes after rescue operations had been wound down in all but two areas, with hopes of finding people alive fading. – ZBC News