Macheso Speaks On Alleged Guruve Son
26 February 2023
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By-Renowed Sungura musician Alick Macheso said the Guruve man trending on social media with claims that he fathered him wants to use the musician’s name to gain fame.

The man, who identifies himself as Simbarashe Macheso, has given interviews on several social media portals, saying he was the Orchestra Mberikwazvo leader’s son.

In a recent interview, Simbarashe described himself as heir to the sungura king’s throne.

However, Macheso exclusively told H-Metro recently that Simbarashe might be one ‘fame-seeker.’
“I heard of these stories for some time now. I can’t speak much about social media stories, but the truth is he is one of those people who want to use celebrities to get the limelight,” said Macheso.
“This is not new in this industry.
“What I can say is vanhu vanotsvaga mbiri zvakasiyana.
“I have been parading my children who are pursuing music to my fans for some time now.
“On this one, it’s up to you (the media) to keep entertaining such things for likes and sales.”
In one of the interviews, Simbarashe said:
“I stay in Guruve, which is my mother’s rural home. My father (Alick) is ageing and he might retire anytime.
“And, I’m there to keep the legacy alive.
“We should let him rest and enjoy the fruits of his work. We should take care of him together with my siblings.”
Macheso’s publicist, Tich Makahamadze, said he engaged his boss when the videos of Simbarashe started circulating on social media.
Simbarashe Macheso
“I have engaged Mopao (Macheso) and he distanced himself from the man.
“That’s our position as management,” said Makahamadze.
Makahamadze questioned Simbarashe’s move to go on social media instead of approaching Macheso, if indeed, he was his father.
“Macheso loves his children and he has been parading them whenever he gets the chance. And, if his case is genuine, why not visit him at home?
“We have been to Guruve and what stops him from visiting his father?
“It’s sad that some of these so-called journalists are stating it as a fact without talking to Macheso,” said Makahamadze.
Stories of people claiming to be sons or daughters of celebrities are not new, particularly in the local music industry.
There has been an ongoing debate about musicians Chamu Boroma and Paddy Kamusakara who both claim to be the late Simon Chimbetu’s sons.
Chimbetu’s brother, Allan, the father figure of the Chimbetu family, dismissed Boroma and Kamusakara’s claims.
Meanwhile, Macheso is set to make a return to the ghetto when he performs at Werras Park in Glen View 1 this Saturday.
He will be supported by chanter Kinnah, at a show that has been dubbed ‘Sungura meets Zimdancehall.’
“Our focus is on our weekend shows, including the one at Werras Park on Saturday.
“Prior to that, we are in Norton at Pakare Paye on Friday night,” said Makahamadze.