Rimbi Tours In Another Horror Crash
28 February 2023
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By- Rimbi Travel and Tours bus has been involved in an accident.

The bus was travelling from Zimbabwe to Malawi.

 Information Ministry Permanent Secretary Nick Mangwana posted on his Twitter account saying the accident happened near Mutoko.

He said that a Rimbi Travel and Tours bus was involved in an accident with a motorcycle and a Toyota Fortuner near Mutoko Centre. 

The accident claimed the life of the motorcyclist who was run over while his passenger was seriously injured.

From left: Rimbi Travel and Tours bus in an accident (Image: Nickon Mpofu/Facebook)

The latest bus accident comes weeks after the government lifted the suspension that had been imposed on the bus company after one of its buses was involved in a fatal accident with a Zebra Kiss bus along the Harare-Nyamapanda route.

In video clips that went viral, the two buses were racing against each other before the accident that claimed the life of one conductor and left several passengers injured.

After the suspension of its operating license, Rimbi Travel and Tours initially sued the government but later backtracked on the decision.

The bus company has been barred from servicing the Harare to Nyamapanda route.