Another Tsvangirai Roars in Norton
2 March 2023
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By A Correspondent| His father’s shoes are too big to fill, but the son of the late renowned politician and trade unionist Morgan Tsvangirai, Richard is eager to step into them.

Richard Tsvangirai

He is bold, fearless and courageous, a Morgan Richard Tsvangirai incarnation boosted with education and entrepreneurial skills.

“I grew up watching my father dedicate his life to fight for what they believed in. My father was a trade unionist and fighter for democracy, suffering much at the hands of ZANU PF, he was persecuted and brutalised. He ingrained in me values which I hold fast to. These are honesty, fairness, transparency, integrity and accountability,” the fearless Tsvangirai says.

Born in October, 1993 in Norton, Richard is not afraid to take the bull by its horns and has joined the race for the parliamentary seat for Norton constituency, currently in the hands of Temba Mliswa.

Richard went to Chishawasha Primary schools before he did his high school at Prince Edward in Harare.

He proceeded to a university in China were he graduated with a Bachelor of Economics.

Richard, an economist by profession, understands the real issues that affect the general populace on a day to day basis.

“I take a keen interest in economics and entrepreneurial affairs, having identified those as the focal point of the challenges faced by my generation in its pursuit of a comfortable life.

“Throughout my travels to foreign lands and locally in my educational journey, I have seen the good outcomes and results of ethical political leadership.”

He is from the people, lives with the people and a voice for the young.

At his young age, he has seen it all. He represents a generation that is ready to redefine the future, a future where unemployment, drug abuse and poor service delivery will be things of the past.

“I belong to a generation that has suffered the most from multiple pandemics of inflation, unemployment, drug abuse and all the other results of socioeconomic decay.

“How can that be when we tout ourselves as one of the most-literate and educated communities in Africa, if not the world? How have we failed to translate that into prosperity for our country? And at a local level, with Norton so potentially-resourced in terms of education, commerce, sports, arts and innovation, how have we failed to become a torchbearer constituency?” Richard questioned.

Norton has been in the hands of the older generation who lacks probity.

He believes that it’s high time for the younger generation to take over and bring sanity in the constituency.

Richard knows what the people want which the current leadership is failing to provide.

“It is a well-resourced constituency in terms of education, commerce, sports, arts and innovation but in the wrong hands which has seen the people underrepresented. The youth have been neglected, drug abuse is taking centre stage with no solution from the so-called leadership,” Richard thundered.

The general consensus is that it is now time for someone with people’s interests at heart, someone selfless who can sacrifice his life for the genuine needs and wants of the people of Norton and not fatten their pockets.

Richard has been identified by many as the person to take ‘Nortonians’ out of bondage.

He possesses the Mosaic qualities, the Joshua kind of courage which Norton needs right for everything to get back in place.

Richard grew up in a family headed by selfless parents, a quality which he holds and believes in dearly.

His father, a trade unionist, had the hopes of millions of workers on his shoulders, fighting for their welfare. His mother worked at Silveria house.

He sacrificed his life, time and family to ensure workers had a decent wage and be able to put food on their tables.

Save as his father suffered persecution both as a trade unionist and a politician and this all happened on his watch.

He was butchered, charged with treason, sent to jail several times by his political foes all for the love of the people.

This all happened on his watch but does not deter him from his desire to represent the people of Zimbabwe.

This instilled in him the values of honesty, accountability, fairness, integrity and accountability.

He is ready to provide ethical leadership and good governance and of service to the people of Norton constituency leading them towards a common vision and the promotion of inclusion.