Hands Off Gafa President, CCC Tells Mnangagwa
6 March 2023
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Denouncing socio-economic and political injustice is not a crime! Hands-off Winky D-CCC Namibia echoes!

05 March 2023

Citizens who subscribe to the yellow revolution led by the organic, pragmatic, and visionary Pastor and Advocate Nelson Chamisa are greatly disappointed with the thuggish behavior of the Zimbabwe Republic Police at the Blue Roof at Damview in Chitungwiza on Saturday evening. Social democrats are quite conscious of the four structural functions in music:1) Expository function 2) Transitional function 3)Developmental function 4)Terminative function.

Citizens Coalition for Change Namibia urges the police to discharge their duties constitutionally and professionally. It was deeply frustrating to learn that the overzealous police ordered the celebrated and iconic musician to terminate the hot performance after he had commenced piping the most popular and appealing song iBotso. Winky D, whose real name is Wallace Chirimuko, attempted to sing his expository and terminative iBotso but the captured police angrily stormed the stage leading to violent scuffles on the scene to cobra-headed retorts from revelers.

This attempt to silence those who openly and audibly castigate socio-economic and political injustice, senseless and barefaced corruption, primitive looting, gross abuse of the universal basic human fundamental rights, arbitrary arrests and long pre-trial detentions must be resisted with a double peaceful measure. Citizens should not allow the police to apply the supreme law of the country selectively. Residents of the world are cognizant of the fact that Winky D is being victimized by the sadist regime because he released a politically charged and socially crafted album – Eureka.

He is confronted by the ZANU PF-controlled police because they are accusing him of pursuing a regime change agenda that they deem unconstitutional.

Eureka speaks volumes against the unequal allotment of the national cake by the greedy Harare regime politicians who have grabbed too much for the citizens to ignore. His crime exists in the power of the melody in unearthing looting and corruption in the government. The Namibia community knows that music is a very powerful medium and in some communities such as Zimbabwe there are futile attempts to manipulate its use.

We urge the Minister of Sport, Arts, and Culture to promote the role of music by protecting those who are victims of state repression. As an external assembly, we know that music is powerful at the individual level because it can induce multiple responses to our social and economic hardships – physiological, movement , mood, emotional , cognitive, and behavioral that is why ZANU PF has pressed the panic button. The minister should defend musicians against this kind of political persecution. Winky D is a citizen who is free to expose all social , economic, and political ills evident in the motherland without fear of persecution by prosecution or abduction and torture from the desperate and politically inept regime.

The torment is not only limited to musicians, even lawyers, journalists, political activists, and human rights defenders are also victims of this weaponization of the law. Everyone with the varlour, nerve, and mettle to condemn corruption, looting, and the abuse of human rights is automatically branded an unpatriotic enemy of the state hence a candidate for state-sponsored harassment. Job Saro Wiwa Sikhala has spent more than 7 months in pre-trial detention on trumped-up charges for speaking against the abduction and gruesome butchery of Moreblessing Ali, Kudzai Kadzere, a renowned human rights lawyer was assaulted by the police for representing the Budiriro 26 and he suffered from a broken arm, etc.

Besides this ugly scene in Chitungwiza, Winky D faced threats from a ZANU-PF puppet organization named Economic Empowerment Group(EEG) which held a press conference in Harare advocating for the ban of his popular music on local radio accusing it of causing the so-called alarm and despondency within the peaceful Zimbabwean youths. On the same day in Chitungwiza South, the change champions who were undertaking ‘mugwazo’ were hit by bricks for mobilizing and recruiting 6 million voters for change.

The same police in Chitungwiza who stormed the stage at Blue Roof, were nowhere to be found when our people were severely attacked by ZANU-PF thugs. We want to warn the Zimbabwe Republic Police to discharge their duties objectively, change is coming. They should respect the Constitution and Constitutionalism. Let them LEAVE WINKY D alone, he is just a patriotic and conscious musician who is yearning for a better, progressive, and corrupt-free Great Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 championed by an accountable leadership.

We encourage citizens of the globe to offer support to Winky D since it has become clear that ZANU-PF despises those who speak the truth to power. Solidarity with the oppressed is a true badge of social democracy. Let’s soldier on with the fight for justice, freedom, and equality.



CCC Namibia Rundu Branch
Champion Robson Ruhanya