Winky D Safe And Sound
6 March 2023
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Tinashe Sambiri|Citizens across the divide have roundly condemned the disruption of Winky D’s show in Chitungwiza at the weekend.

Winky D’s weekend show was stopped by overzealous police cops.

Below are comments on the disruption of the Gafa’s show:

RWiz Tgia :
Mukoma you are no longer an artist, you are now an Activist. You are a voice of the voiceless. Leader of the people.

Enough Zuze:
I thank you so much Mr BIG MAN the GAFFA for you to sacrifice your self to be a Zimbabwean HEROE of our time God bless you
Clever G Njuga

Whatever happens to you Winky D DiBigman always know you carry the burden of the downtrodden and suffering masses.. Your Music is the voice of the people, Your courage we Shall Forever appreciate . We Pray for Safety as you have put your Life on the Line for Everyone else. Your Selflessness is unmatched. Be Protected from harm’s Way. Hazvirambe zvakadaro.


Tikada kuita tsvakurudzo yakasimba tinogona kuzoona kuti munhu akatema Winky D nebhodhoro ritori rombe zvaro ,hindaa tichishandiswa vana ve ZIMBABWE, unoshandiswa kurwisa munhu arikuimba ma songs ane message irikutaura nezve reality yehupenyu hwako honestly, iam so hurt

Winky D Fanpage:


Thank you Zimbabwe , thank you Africa and all the Gafas around the world.

The GAFA is safe and sound