Munetsi Hails Mane
12 March 2023
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Warriors international Marshall Munetsi says he wants to change the world by copying the Senegalese star, Sadio Mane’s charity works.

The Stade de Reims midfielder gives between 10 and 20% of his salary per month to his foundation, Marshall Munetsi Foundation, which helps children in Zimbabwe.

The foundation pays school fees for under privileged students and also supports grassroot football development.

In an interview with French outlet L’Equipe, Munetsi said he draws inspiration from Mane, who has led the development of his home village of Bambali in Senegal into a decent modern town.

The Bayern Munich forward has funded the building of schools, hospitals, fuel stations and a post office.

“Look what Mané did in Senegal, he founded a city! We deserve the money we earn, but what do we do with it? I want to change the world,” Munetsi was quoted as saying by the French publication.

Marshall also revealed that he is considering changing the name of his foundation by removing his birth-name Marshall Munetsi on it.

“I would like to change the name of the organisation because I am not here to put myself forward. It must exist even without me,” the 26-year-old revealed to the publication.- Soccer24 Zimbabwe