Major Funeral Hitting Zimbabwe Soon, Says “Prophet”
16 March 2023
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By Dorrothy Moyo | A self proclaimed Zimbabwean prophet has claimed that the nation is soon to be hit by a major national funeral.

The man, Orasi Sos, said this will be the death of a hero.

Last month he was accused of making familiar utterances based on obvious death predictions.

Sos said “A very big national funeral coming to Harare,this one is a hero.” He did not provide any further detail.

His statement comes at a time when “Prophecy” predictions were more and more becoming a career for jobless Zimbabweans, with many oracles turning out to be probability guesswork.

The statements also come at a time when there was competition between the so called prophets over who is telling the truth, such as:


Talent Chiwenga

Talent Chiwenga who says he is the only person who speaks genuinely for God, the only voice in Zimbabwe announcing accurate predictions.

In 2018 Chiwenga advised victims of the August military crackdown who are pursuing legal action saying that the ZANU PF leader, Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa did not deploy the soldiers who abused them.

“The govt was supposed to invite the church, us, and me in particular, because I happen to be the only voice in Zimbabwe that speaks genuinely for God. (Video below inside article).

Is this true?

Talent Chiwenga

And where are the two coffins?-What happened to the 90 days of back November 2018 ? And where is Joab, where is Adonijah? – After failing to predict the Coronavirus and other plagues, the preacher who once claimed ZANU PF leader Emmerson Mnangagwa did not send soldiers to shoot people on the 1st of August 2018 (saying that God told him so, contradicting several LIVE video broadcasts of Mnangagwa literally doing it), Talent Chiwenga has said he is the only voice of God in the country.


Below was his statement in full:

“The government was supposed to invite the church, us, and me in particular, because I happen to be the only voice in Zimbabwe that speaks genuinely for God. (Video)

“You may hate me for all I care, but this is the truth.

“When they invite these people that they call prophets, men of God, bishops, they invite them to ratify the ungodly acts they are doing against the citizens and these so called men of God, the bishops , the prophets, they do not have the voice of God in them they have not heard from God.” – Talent Chiwenga

Meanwhile, the people of Kuwadzana, Harare were the worst brutalised by soldiers in August 2018 when Emmerson Mnangagwa deployed the army to kill many while changing election results, and on the 4th August local clinics told of how military trucks would arrive at night and officers begin assaulting residents. Being reminded of these atrocities could not be any more hurting.


VOICE 1 (Talent Chiwenga)- Izvozvi ndichitaura zvandirikuita izvi, havasirivo vaMnangagwa vakatuma ma soldier kupfura vanhu. Nyaya iyoyo irikutovanetsawo but havasikuziva kuti voita sei nayo. … Asi izvozvi zvandirikutaura izvi Mwari vakandiudza kuti havana kumbotuma vanhu.

VOICE 2 (ED) – Asiyo Ka. Deno taiziva kuti vanhu vekuKuwadzana vasingadi kuti mvura inaye, aaah, taingoti army kombai tirove.

Wanzwa here kutapira kunoita izwi raApostle Chiwenga achishandisa bhuku dzvene Bible achinyepera ruzhinji, zvekare achitoshandisa zita raMwari? Zvinoreva chii izvi?