ZANU Fails To Emmersonize Chamisa, Hwende
17 March 2023
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By Farai D Hove | Chamisa fighting Hwende, yes he is, no he is not, oh, but he does seem to be, let’s use this picture, no, I mean this Hwende handshake video, flipping it this way means Nero is struggling to handle Hwende, and Murisi Zwizwai, what ED easily manages with his juniors at all meeting points, and once done, we will have destroyed Chamisa in the eyes of the people- Ends the script.

As the country goes to elections this year around August, opposition leader Nelson Chamisa is under attack by the ruling Zanu PF members who last year launched suggestions that he is and8ctator who is struggling to handle his Secretary General Chalton Hwende. The development was lyrical narrated in the Shona language by Twitter user, Better Zim, who says in full:

Zanu wants Chamisa to use their template where Mnangagwa gets in a plane with his Ministers and service chiefs wachiita ma debriefing etc.

Pawano buruka those dunderheads womhanya kuti wanotanga futi kukwazisa president wawo as he gets out of the plane

Its ridiculously childish