ZimCODD Launches Citizen App
19 March 2023
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By A Correspondent- The Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and Development (ZIMCODD) on March 16, 2023 launched a new campaign dubbed #TakeAction and an application called the Citizen App which comes after the #HowFar campaign.

In a statement released by ZIMCODD, the #TakeAction campaign is meant to raise citizens’ urgency in demanding for transparency and accountability.

“Zimbabwe continues to face serious public accountability and transparency questions seen through the corruption scandals that break every day. This persistent loss of public resources has caused citizens’ lives to get harder as service delivery becomes poorer and economic indicators continue to fall. The brunt of this crisis is faced by the poor & vulnerable,” read the statement.

The campaign is also meant to bring about citizens and other stakeholders to participate in developing a culture of transparency and accountability.

“The #TakeAction campaign is a call to action for all citizens to raise their agency through demanding transparency and accountability. Beyond asking duty-bearers to account (#HowFar), the current campaign is a call to action for citizens to go the extra mile,” the statement read.

The citizen app enables citizens to upload reports on various issues that require accountability.

“The application receives reports report mismanagement of public resources, service delivery issues, corruption etc.

“Citizens can upload reports, journalists can gather evidence for investigative pieces while public institutions such as the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission & Zimbabwe Republic Police can investigate the reported cases,” read the statement.

The campaign was launched online and the citizen app is available for download on Android devices.

ZIMCODD is a socio-economic justice coalition that was established in 2000 to facilitate citizens’ involvement in making public policy more pro-people.

The #HowFar campaign which was launched in 2021 held duty bearers accountable by asking key questions on accountability.-TellZim