UK Puts Zimbabwe On Red List For Healthcare Job Recruitment
25 March 2023
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By Dorrothy Moyo | The United Kingdom has put Zimbabwe on the red list for health and social care jobs recruitment.

A British government statement says this is because of a UN process to protect the countries with the most pressing job shortage needs. Part of the statement says:

Heath and social care organisations in England do not actively recruit from those countries the World Health Organization (WHO) recognise as having the most pressing health and care workforce-related challenges unless there is government to government agreement to support managed recruitment activities. Through effective bilateral work – such as our memorandums of understanding with the governments of India, Kenya, Malaysia, Nepal, the Philippines and Sri Lanka – we are working in partnership to support well managed migration pathways that deliver benefits to the NHS, the health or care professionals, and the sending country.

We are committed to regularly updating the code. In this edition, you will see that we have responded to concerns that have arisen over the last year, including:

    • strengthening the best practice benchmarks to ensure fairness and consistency in employment contracts, and set out principles on the use of repayment clauses in employment contracts
    • setting out the routes of escalation for concerns about exploitative recruitment or employment practices and breaches of the code
    • providing more clarity on how the code applies to different international recruitment models
    • introducing a knowledge test for recruiting organisations applying to be on the ethical recruiters list
    • expanding the scenario examples

    In actively addressing emerging issues of concern we aim to maintain the highest ethical standards in all international recruitment activity undertaken in the UK.

    The statement later lists the countries, as follows-

  • Red countries – active recruitment is not permitted

    • Afghanistan
    • Angola
    • Bangladesh
    • Benin
    • Burkina Faso
    • Burundi
    • Cameroon
    • Central African Republic
    • Chad
    • Comoros
    • Congo
    • Congo, Democratic Republic of
    • Côte d’Ivoire
    • Djibouti
    • Equatorial Guinea
    • Eritrea
    • Ethiopia
    • Gabon
    • Gambia, The
    • Ghana
    • Guinea
    • Guinea-Bissau
    • Haiti
    • Kiribati
    • Lao People’s Democratic Republic
    • Lesotho
    • Liberia
    • Madagascar
    • Malawi
    • Mali
    • Mauritania
    • Micronesia, Federated States of
    • Mozambique
    • Niger
    • Nigeria
    • Pakistan
    • Papua New Guinea
    • Rwanda
    • Samoa
    • Senegal
    • Sierra Leone
    • Solomon Islands
    • Somalia
    • South Sudan
    • Sudan
    • Tanzania, United Republic of
    • Timor-Leste
    • Togo
    • Tuvalu
    • Uganda
    • Vanuatu
    • Yemen, Republic of
    • Zambia
    • Zimbabwe