Dismal Fall Of Zanu Bigwigs Epitomises CCC Victory
29 March 2023
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The dismal fall of ZANU-PF bigwigs in primary elections epitomizes resounding victory for CCC!

27 March 2023

Citizens Coalition for Change Namibia gyrates hysterically in uncontrollable gusto as bigwigs fall by the wayside during the recent primary elections. The inevitable demise of the belly politicians of plunder and self-enrichment in the Harare regime symbolizes the ultimate fall of the whole autocratic hegemony. Today, we are quite jovial that the progressive masses of our multitude have come back to their senses. As we celebrate the pathetic loss of the likes of Chinotimba, Webster Shamhu, Philip Chiyangwa, Dexter Nduna, Mary Mliswa, and Fortune Chasi only to mention a few, change champions should brace for a sweet victory in July\August.

The whirlwind of socio-economic transformation has gripped citizens across the political divide. We are jocund that even those in the sadist political outfit have suddenly developed the quest for change of leadership. It is now imperative to change champions to embrace dangerous freedom and gather the valor needed in the fight for justice, freedom, and equality in Zimbabwe. If people in ZANU-PF could realize the incapacity of Chinotimba to represent them, nothing will stop them from choosing the youthful, diligent, organic, and pragmatic President Advocate Nelson Chamisa ahead of the torn and tattered octogenarian, Gold Mafia.

It is now significant for all and sundry to unite under a common vision of transforming our livelihoods. The people of Zimbabwe are sick and tired of these looters and gold smugglers. July is the only opportunity we have to show ZANU-PF a middle finger. The timely fall of these bigwigs who were the faces of ZANU-PF brutality, lootocracy, rigging, and intimidation will surely give confidence to the change champions who have been victims since independence. I urge change seekers to continue mobilizing virgin voters for change in July. We should stick to our recently introduced 1+5 mobilization drive meant to complement the effective ‘MUGWAZO’ strategy.

The violence and alleged rigging during primary elections are a blessing in disguise for the people’s party. These shambolic elections have left ZANU-PF extremely divided, giving adequate room for CCC to maneuver. Rundu Branch change champion, Dr. Simbarashe Ndoda raised alarm on the lack of assisted voters during the primary elections. He further expressed his absolute disgruntlement in the number of assisted voters during general elections. It is perturbing that these assisted voters are seen during harmonized elections, not primary elections.

Dr. Simbarashe Ndoda reiterated that ZANU-PF uses assisted voters to rig the will of the people. ‘It is only 3 months before the watershed elections and we don’t have even a single assisted voter, where are they going to come from? Ndoda further echoed. There is a need to protect the vote and voters throughout the plebiscite. CCC Namibia is determined to take part in the recruitment, mobilization, and radicalization of voters for change.

On a different note, CCC Namibia calls for the immediate and unconditional release of Hon Job Saro Wiwa Sikhala who has endured state-sponsored long pre-trial detention at Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison since the 14th of June 2022. We demand justice and freedom for our firebrand Vice-chairperson, lawyer, human rights defender, and sound Member of the August House. Wiwa is a prisoner of conscience and he remains innocent until proven guilty hence a candidate for bail.

The district audibly calls for justice against the satanic ZANU-PF political elites who are exploiting the state apparatus as springboards to loot and smuggle our hard-worn national resources. We clamor for transparency and accountability in the governance of the motherland. After the last episode of the crucial investigations, we urge citizens to pent up their outrage seeking answers to these stinking and disturbing allegations.









Rundu Branch Change Champion
Robson Ruhanya