Al Jazeera Corruption Documentary Devides Government
31 March 2023
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By- The ongoing series of Al Jazeera corruption documentaries has divided the Zanu PF administration, with government officials issuing conflicting statements.

This came out after Friday, George Charamba, the presidential spokesperson, said Uebert Angel remains Zimbabwe’s Ambassador-at-Large and has not been stripped of his ambassadorial status.

Charamba earlier intimated that the self-proclaimed prophet, who was appointed Zimbabwe’s Ambassador at Large and Presidential Envoy to Europe and the Americas in 2021, has lost his role.

He was responding to one Ba’Zuva on Twitter who had asked why “Uebert Angel have his diplomatic status revoked if the Al Jazeera documentary, #GoldMafia was much ado about nothing”. Charamba, using one of his accounts “Tinoedza Zvimwe”. He said:

Appointment to a diplomatic post means you further the interests and image of the country which appoints you as a representative of the Head of State of that country.

Once your actions run counter to both objectives, you are stripped of that title and all which goes with it.

This basic remedial ADMINISTRATIVE ACTION stands quite apart from any legal action your actions might attract. It is that simple.

You serve at the mercy of the appointing authority for as long he retains trust and confidence in you and in your competence to keep and protect the dignity of the STATE! Understood?

But in another Twitter post later on Friday, Charamba, using the same Twitter handle “Tinoedza Zvimwe”, said:


Following claims circulating in social media that Zimbabwe’s Ambassador-at-Large, Ambassador Hubert Angel has been stripped of his ambassadorial status, kindly be advised that His Excellency the President, Dr. ED who is the sole appointing authority of all Ambassadors representing the State of Zimbabwe, HAS NOT TAKEN SUCH A STEP.

The Ambassador-at-Large remains in that status and executes all his duties as outlined at the time of his appointment. Please be so advised.

Angel was recently exposed by undercover Al Jazeera journalists allegedly offering to launder US$1.2 billion using his diplomatic cover.

In the first episode of the Al Jazeera documentary, titled “Gold Mafia: The Laundry Service”, Angel is seen calling Zimbabwe Miners Federation (ZMF) president Henrietta Rushwaya in the presence of the undercover reporters.

Angel made the calls in an attempt to convince the “investors” that he was able to facilitate the laundering of more than a billion US dollars in cash.