Bee Wezhira’s Hubby Revealed
5 April 2023
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By A Correspondent- Comedian Bee Wezhira recently surprised her fans by revealing that she had tied the knot in a secret ceremony.

    The announcement was made after she shared some gorgeous pictures of herself dressed in a stunning white wedding gown.

    When H-Metro reached out to her for more information about her new husband, Bee Wezhira remained tight-lipped and only stated that she would share the details on her own terms.

    She even declined to reveal the date or location of her wedding, choosing to keep that information to herself for now.

    “You know how social media is. I am not ready to post (pictures) my husband. I am not going to tell you the wedding venue or date, but it was two weeks ago,” she said.

    Bee Wezhira, renowned for her remarkably realistic skits, acknowledged that some social media users might find it hard to believe that she is now married. However, she reassured them that once she releases more photographs of the event, their doubts will be put to rest.

    “I know some people will not believe that this is true, but once they see the pictures, they will. For now, I have only posted my pictures, and more will come,” she said.

    Who Is Bee Wezhira’s Husband?

    It appears that Bee Wezhira’s attempt at keeping her marriage a secret has been thwarted by her husband and his associates.

    Bee Wezhira’s husband, Sean Deelroy Gweta, is a cleric who is currently based in South Africa. He took to his social media accounts to inquire how one can update their Facebook relationship status to “married.” This post caught the attention of fans who were quick to uncover the couple’s recent wedding.

    Adding to the unwanted attention, Sean’s friends shared a post of Sean and Bee together, congratulating the newlyweds on their nuptials.

    Bee Wezhira’s husband, Sean Delroy Gweta is the founding leader of Jiam Ministries, a religious organization that focuses on spiritual healing and empowerment.

    He is renowned for performing miracles, particularly related to fertility issues. Sean is also known to be friends with Zimdancehall musicians Crystal Dangerzone and Jah Child