Zengeza East Youth Announces Bid for Councillor
7 April 2023
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25 year old Midlands State University (MSU) Media Studies graduate Kumbirai Mutengo yesterday announced his bid for ward 21 councillor after very much consideration due to the delapidating situation in the dormitory town of Chitungwiza.

“I believe that Chitungwiza needs a voice that can speak onbehalf of the people.Chitungwiza needs real transformation and some of the issues facing our people like water challenges, poor roads , sewer leakages and housing need to be addressed,” said Mutengo

The young journalist and author reiterated that with his political experience , leadership acumen and etiquette he is the best person to represent Zengeza East Constituency ward 21 as councillor ushering the ward and the Chitungwiza Municipality on a transformative path.

Mutengo (25) is a mentee of the late Former Minister of National Housing and Social Ammenities , veteran opposition politician, educationist and Chitungwiza godfather, Fidelis Mhashu.The young journalist authored a biography book about the struggle for a new Zimbabwe taking into account higlights of nationalism and opposition politics in Zimbabwe titled, “Fidelis Mhashu – The Beauty of Servant Leadership.”He is well-acclamatized with where the country is coming from and where it is headed.

The ward 21 councillor aspirant is a fully fledged political activist who joined politics in 2015. He has exchanged hands (mentored) from Hon Happymore ‘Cde Leader Bvondo’, to Hon Godfrey Sithole but grew up under the tutorship of Mhashu.Mutengo participated in the 2016 uprisings and engaged in a demonstration against the National Pledge while in school uniform.He also participated in the activities of the National Electoral Reforms Agenda ( NERA) led by Joelson Mugari.

Mutengo founded a Christian political movement in named First Choice Movement (FCM) with the aim to bring transformative Christian leadership and the Church to serve nations.

Kumbirai Mutengo has served in different capacities.He is the former National Youth Chairman of the National Reclamation Assembly (NRA) led by Charles Mutama and Taurai Gwesu. In 2019 he became the founding Chairman of New Zimbabwe Youth Forum (Youth Association)along with the likes of Clayton Muzoremba in Bulawayo.He later became National Youth Student Co-ordinator for Zimbabwe Institute of Strategic Thinking (ZIST) led by Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo. He engineered the student structures across the country including University of Zimbabwe and Midlands State University.

Mutengo is a sport ethusiast he founded a sporting club named Hungwe Sporting in early 2020 which runs under the Barcelona Sporting Club Model.He intends to venture into different sport discliplines and transform local sport into big business and bringing social cohesion with names such as Hungwe of national and cultural value.He started the sport institute with the late Farai Mutengo, Trust Mugari, Tafazua Tomas, Calvern Kame, Samson Biara, Brighton Kahuni , Mgicini Muzoremba, Mzimkhulu Nguni and Musa Makamba

“With the knowledge and experience I have accumulated over the years in leadership , I believe that ward 21 can benefit from it. What ward 21 needs is a person who can articulate a plan for the ward and represent all sections of society.Ward 21 is looking for someone who can unlock opportunities for the people. I deeply believe that our moment is now to bring change to our community ,” said Mutengo

Mutengo futher went on to say our community is yearning for change but it can only be done collectively if the citizenry engages with community leaders.

“We need power to change the local system. I believe central government should not interfere with municipalities. Local Authorities should be afforded power to deal with infrastracture development , sport development , health and the education sector. We are in need of education facilities because our population has been increasing every now and then,” said Mutengo

The young political candidate intends to represent all sections of society including pupils, students, sport persons, artists, journalist/writers, musicians, film makers, disabled,church , orphans residents , unemployed, workers and the poor.Mutengo stated that Chitown is in a mess because of poor urban planning and the inability to source opportunities for the local people by running an Efficient , Transformative and Transparent system.

TheWard 21 councillor aspirant encouraged other young people to consider running for office to usher in transformative leadership in Chitungwiza.

“I encourage young people to take the call to run for public office because together we can bring change to our beautiful Chitungwiza.We need to protect the legacy of our heroes and defend our leader Hon Job Sikhala,” said Mutengo

Mutengo said that he will unleash his manifesto in due course with a full scale and plan of what he thinks young councillors running under the moniker Generation 20 aspire to do in our local authorities creating a new generation of leaders.