Heal Zimbabwe Statement on Zimbabwe’s 43rd Independence Day
18 April 2023
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Heal Zimbabwe joins the country in celebrating 43 years of independence. As Zimbabwe celebrates 43 years of sovereign rule and self-determination, Heal Zimbabwe salutes men and women of valor, both living and departed, who selflessly and valiantly fought for the country’s hard-won independence. Their dreams, aspirations and promise of liberation remain the same today, 43 years on and their fulfilment must be a collective goal for all progressive Zimbabweans, #AsOne people.

Today we celebrate the strides taken since 1980 to date in coming up with a strong Constitution that has an exemplary and comprehensive Bill of Rights. We note sadly, however, that the 2013 Constitution glorified across the continent has not been followed to the letter by the state, its agencies and the majority of all who hold a duty to defend, protect and implement it. The State has been found wanting in its obligations towards the full and progressive realization of economic, social and cultural rights, especially, on the rights to education, health, social security and other fundamental rights. Forty-three years after independence, Zimbabweans are yet to fully realize their civic and political rights espoused in the Bill of Rights. The democratic and civic space continues to shrink. We call on the State and its agencies at all levels to respect, protect and promote civic and political rights without discrimination. We call for the independence of our state institutions and the judiciary to enable them to serve all citizens without discrimination. We add our voice in calling for the release of Job Sikhala and other political prisoners.

Our Independent Commissions Supporting Democracy (ICSDs) must be strengthened in capacity, independence and effectiveness to enable them to discharge their mandate as clearly outlined in Chapter 12 of the Constitution. We urge the President to appoint members of the Independent Complaints Commission in time before the forthcoming 2023 elections to strengthen our human rights protection mechanisms. Forty-three years after independence, our beloved Zimbabwe is yet to transform from the country that it was to a socially cohesive, tolerant, democratic nation whose citizens enjoy inclusive prosperity. While we applaud strides taken since 1980 to address structural colonial imbalances and inequalities, we call for decisive, strong and effective means to unite Zimbabwe #AsOne

Heal Zimbabwe calls on our national institutions entrusted with the responsibility to unite our nation, particularly the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC) to build, promote and foster peace, national unity and tolerance in pursuit of its constitutional mandate of ensuring post-conflict justice, healing and reconciliation. We call for the extension of the tenure of the NPRC with strengthened independence and capacity towards national healing and conflict transformation.

As the nation approaches the much-anticipated 2023 harmonized elections, Heal Zimbabwe calls for peaceful participation, tolerance and harmony in the diversity of opinions and choices. We call on the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) to be transparent and deliver a free, fair and credible election. We implore the State and all Institutions Supporting Democracy to play their part to ensure that there is peace, unity and political tolerance before, during and after the forthcoming elections. We add our voice in the call for collective and collaborative action between the State, Independent Commissions, Civil Society, the church and other stakeholders to promote and foster peaceful participation and tolerance guided by the values of Ubuntu.Together #AsOne people, we must work towards a peaceful, credible election that is underlined by tolerance and harmony in our diversity.

As Heal Zimbabwe Trust we remain committed to play our part in nation building guided by our vision of a socially cohesive nation that enjoys tolerance, peace, and prosperity at all tiers of society. Through our #AsOne National Peace Campaign, anchored on the three pillars of tolerance, peaceful participation and Ubuntu we continue to champion Harmony in Diversity towards a peaceful 2023 election and beyond.