ED’s Message From Epworth Residents
22 April 2023
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The President is coming to Epworth tomorrow to unveil title deeds.

As Epworth Residents Development Association we had no problem with that but our concern is, he was supposed to consult us first on our priorities.

As a community we are living in abjecty poverty hardly a meal a day hustling, touting and vending to try to eke out a living.

We are hadly able to send our children to school.

Dishing (title deeds) to hungry people is rendered useless.

We think his advisors are misinforming him. What the residents needs is a developmental roadmap.

Right now Epworth has no developmental trajectory to talk about.

Social service delivery is at the bottomless pit , no sewer reticulation facilities, potable tap water , district hospital , no basic health delivery service .

The President needs to be reminded that the clinic he officially opened at Mabvazuva last year is not yet functional.

Peter Nyapetwa