Married Man Dies At Girlfriend’s Place
23 April 2023
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MBERENGWA-A married Mberengwa man died upon arrival at Mberengwa District Hospital after complaining of chest pains while at his girlfriend’s place.
Midlands Police Spokesperson Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko confirmed the sudden death that happened on Monday to The Mirror.
He said Donald Mangeya (35) of C-Mine, Mberengwa died two hours after visiting his girlfriend Lillian Moyo-Mangena of Northwood in Mberengwa.
Mangeya (35) arrived at Lillian’s place around 4 am and he complained of chest pains two hours later. Around 6 am he was rushed to the hospital. He died upon arrival at the hospital.
Mahoko said investigations to establish the cause of death are underway.- Chipinge Times