Mai Titi Fraud Case Moved to Wed Morning
9 May 2023
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Dear Editor | The case in which comedian Mai Titi is on trial over Theft of Trust Property, was Tuesday moved to Wed morning.

She allegedly defrauded Else Event Car Hire of one of their vehicles.

Mai Titi also has another case over fraud regarding complainant Rachel Mhuka.

It is alleged that sometime in September last year Mai fib approached Rachel Mhuka saying she was in need of US$10 000 so that she could start a business.

The court heard thatshe volunteered to give Mhuka a Mercedes Benz (AFF9759), which she claimed belonged to her, as surety. Mai Titi allegedly told Mhuka thatshe would forfeit the Mercedes Benz in the event that she failed to repay the US$10 000 on or before November 30, 2022.

Acting on the misrepresentation, Mhuka gave Murata US$10 000. After some days, Mai -fib allegedly returned to Mhuka and demanded back the carsaying it did not belong to her and offered her an Audi QS (AFG3701) and an expired passport as surety.

Mhuka later realised that the passport had expired. Sometime in January this year, Mhuka was then approached by police from ZRP Rhodesville, who then seized the Audi QS saying it belonged to Else Event Car Hire.

Irked by Murata’s actions, Mhuka then lodged a complaint with police leading to her arrest.