21 May 2023
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By Stephen Sarkozy Chuma

We as CCC youths, we condemn in strongest terms the detention of four University of Zimbabwe (UZ) students who were arrested last Wednesday. The four who are Benjamin Watadza, Emmanuel Stima, Comfort Mpofu and Lionel Madamombe were arrested following #BlackMonday demonstrations in the capital last week.

We as CCC youths, we demand for the unconditional release of the four from Harare Remand Prison as they have not committed any crime.

If ZANU PF leader, Emmerson Mnangagwa was once a student as he claims to have studied law somewhere in Zambia, then he should know that students’ place is a university not a prison.

Mnangagwa is dancing on a political quicksand! He must be reminded that students have always been beacons of revolutions that removed some of the worst dictators in history.

Mnangagwa has declared war to every section of our society. In his short iron fist reign since taking over power through a coup in 2017, Mnangagwa has imprisoned journalists, opposition politicians, church leaders, traditional leaders, students, teachers, civil society leaders and trade unionists.

No one is safe under Mnangagwa’s fascist rule.

The moment now calls for citizens from all walks of life to unite and confront this spineless dictator.

We cannot be silent when the dictator is throwing every one of us in prison like chickens ready for slaughter.

Defiance and resistance is the panacea to oppressive rule. We call for every citizen to join #BlackMonday demonstrations tomorrow demanding for the release of the four students and all political prisoners.



Stephen Sarkozy Chuma