Sithule Tshuma Evades Hwange Meeting As Pressure Mounts To Refund 500 Women Sold Fake Properties
24 May 2023
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By James Gwati | The Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube linked UK businesswoman Sithule Tshuma, has abandoned an investment-members meeting as she faces pressure from hundreds of women demanding their refunds over fake properties she sold them.

Sithule Tshuma avoided the weekend (Sunday) online meeting she had scheduled with the women she sold the totally bogus properties in Hwange.

“She was in a no show at the meeting she initiated and said that it (the meeting) would be done during the week,” said one of the female investors.

“We called her on her other private phone and asked her why she was not addressing the meeting she organised and the response was not convincing,” said another investor.

“I was supprised to realise a few minutes before the meeting that she had removed me from the WhatsApp group and I think she did that because I had previously hinted that I was going to ask her to give me back my money,” another woman said.

Later in the night, Sithule Tshuma went on to delete her Twitter account after investors bombarded her with the core question regarding why she appeared pretending to be suing UK-based journalists who live in her neighbourhood and who she sends letters using Zimbabwe addresses.

A Zimbabwean had asked Tshuma through the same Twitter account to reveal her UK address in the summons she is sending journalists she says she is suing, albeit utilising an address that’s 8700km away from her official and home address.

Sithule Tshuma, five years ago, launched her Qoki Zindlovukazi Investment Group promising she was out to empower women with title deeds in a scheme later described by one of her own loyal aides, as totally built on fraud money.

At the weekend, Tshuma issued a second letter threatening legal action against ZimEye, but one that was both faceless and nameless, furthermore wielding a Bulawayo address. She was asked why she is failing to disclose her UK whereabouts or at least a serving address, “if you are not a fraudster,” after which her account was deactivated.