Qoki Frauds: Refunds Underway
27 May 2023
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By A Correspondent | 7pm Saturday, ZimEye holds a 30 min follow up program over the Qoki Zindlovukazi frauds which are further revealed at a time refunds are resuming.

The session also comes at a time when Qoki founder, Sithule Tshuma admitted she deceived (title deed seeking) investors in her Nondweni 3 farm project which property has been found to be not only a 99 year lease territory but a mining claim. The development now forces Tshuma to refund all the investors, the same way she has done others; and all this is happening at a time when Qoki’s founding legal expert, Julian Condliffe is paying out a whopping GBP56,000 to another victim, one of many others subjected to bullying and harassment for several years to date.

One investor speaking to ZimEye described the feat in the following words, saying: ” Impondo azifihleki emgodleni, noma kanjani, bekuzaze kubenini. Vuka Mthwakazi ungadliwa in the name of the Fraudster also being a Mthwakazian. Name ubuguluva as it is, Fraud Fraud Fraud!”