My Daughter’s Bashed Me
1 June 2023
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A Harare woman has filed a complaint with the Harare Civil Court alleging that her daughter has assaulted her over ownership of her late husband’s Budiriro home.

Memory Matusa claimed that her daughter Elizabeth Matusa claimed to have inherited the home following her father’s passing.

Memory, who was requesting a protective order against Elizabeth, informed magistrate Mrs. Tamara Chibindi that her daughter attacks her and collects rent from the renters, causing Memory to remove the tenants so that she can move into the home.

Elizabeth apparently claimed that because she was the only child and her father had died, she had inherited the house.

Memory pleaded with the court to stop Elizabeth from abusing her, saying she inherited the house by virtue of being the surviving spouse.

Elizabeth was not present to respond to the allegations, but had signed the summons acknowledging that she was aware of the court session.

Magistrate Tamara Chibindi then gave a default judgment and ordered Elizabeth to stop abusing her mother and to keep peace with her at all times.