Will ZEC Release Electronic Voters Roll Before Polls?
1 June 2023
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After investigating the anomalies reported to us regarding the voters’ roll inspection process, we have made some preliminary findings, which include the following:

1️⃣The process appears to be polling station-based.

2️⃣If one goes to the wrong polling station, their name will not be on the voter’s roll.

3️⃣It is imperative that ZEC updates citizens on new polling stations and changes to avoid confusion.

4️⃣Urgent updates are necessary for the USSD system (#265) to reflect delimitation changes, transfers, and details for new voters.

5️⃣Physical inspection of the voters’ roll is more reliable as the electronic system is outdated.

6️⃣It seems as if the process is designed to frustrate citizens; however, it is crucial for citizens to take all necessary steps to inspect the roll before the deadline of May 31st, 2023.

7️⃣We expect better from ZEC.

8️⃣We are demanding that ZEC releases the electronic voters’ roll and conducts an independent audit of the same.