Children Stoned To Death While Lying On Top Of A Grave
3 June 2023
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IN a horrifying case of family violence, two innocent children were stoned to death along with their 81-year-old grandfather at Mhari Village in Bikita last Saturday.

The children, aged two and five years, were ordered to lie on top of a grave by their mother, Modina Mavhunga (28) and struck on the head with stones until they died.

Modina murdered her kids just after she teamed up with her brother, Clever Mavhunga, 35, to assault their father, Anisto Mavhunga, to death.

National police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, said Modina and Clever have been arrested.

“Police in Masvingo arrested Clever Mavhunga and Modina Mavhunga in connection with murders which occurred on Saturday at Mhari Village in Bikita,” said Ass-Comm Nyathi.

“The suspects took turns to indiscriminately assault their father aged 81 with sticks all over the body after accusing him of practicing witchcraft.

“After the incident, Modina took her two daughters aged 2 and 5, to the family graveyard where she ordered them to lie on top of a grave before hitting them with stones on their heads until they died on the spot,” he said.

Meanwhile, Police in Ngundu are investigating a case of murder which occurred on Saturday in a bushy area near Ngundu Business Centre.

The suspects, Fredrick Shamba, 36, and Nyenyesai Tevera, tied the victim with a rope before assaulting him with switches all over the body until he died.

They accused him of stealing Nyenyesai’s money.

Ass-Comm Nyathi said police arrested Fredrick, while Nyenyesai Tevera is on the run.