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5 June 2023
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By Collen Kajokoto | I want to borrow your light,
For it comforts me in the night.

I want to borrow your eyes
To see all the beauty you find
Will I ever see more
What other see in Simone?
I want to borrow your lips
Just borrow your taste, just a kiss
And you I won’t miss.
I want to borrow your heart
For mine I so lost in the dark.
My Simone!!
Willingly you offer your light,
But you feel quite lost in my night,
And you offer of me your eyes
But it leaves your vision blind,
Obscure to my brewing troubles.
You melt your taste in my kiss
And now it’s the taste you miss.
You give me your beautiful heart,
I wish to hold it in all without hurt.
Cupid Simone!!

You wait for all to return
But the borrowed is taken and burned,
So lost all your love in my night,
You forget you were holding the light,
But your eyes have a vision so deep
That your heart has no choice but to keep,
So as you burn the truth in the night,
Wings start to lift you in flight.
Adorable Simone!!

See, you give but nothing is taken,
You just lose it in all the forsaken,
But the truth of your love never dies,
It just gives you the dance of the night.
In the night we give love sacrificed
Till we fall, in the empty of sight
Yet the fall is always to find
A love that is never sacrificed.
Affable Simone!!

Each time our love is taken,
Let it grow, never leave it forsaken,
For love always grow, never dies,
But the night has to be sacrificed.
This is the contrast of dark with the light
That gives every wing strength to fly.
We make love, dancing colours to life,
Making rainbows; we rain till we shine.
Raining Simone!!

By Collen Kajokoto

The author is a persecuted Zimbabwe poet and a scholar with PEN Germany’s Writers-in-Exile program funded by the Federal Germany Government