Train Citizens Agents Now
6 June 2023
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The recruitment and training of polling agents is now imperative! CCC Namibia echoes.

05 June 2023

Barely three months before the historic watershed elections in Zimbabwe, the Citizens Coalition for Change should now commence the recruitment and training of polling agents. It is now critical to working tirelessly to avert a disputed election in Zimbabwe. CCC Namibia supposes that polling agents should be recruited and trained on time so that on the 23rd of August, they will surely and effectively defend the people of Zimbabwe against rigging.

Defending and protecting the vote must begin in earnest since the political behemoth is targeting six million votes for a complete change. We anticipate volunteers to come out pledging to sacrifice their last drop of blood and sweat to protect the will of the long-suffering citizens. Agents should be schooled on how to effectively deal with ZANU-PF shenanigans in and around the polling post. Citizens are weary of participating in flawed elections since time immemorial.

Men and women of valor in the democratic project should brace for dangerous freedom ahead of the harmonized elections. The movement needs to ensure that there are well-trained and incorruptible cadres ready to manage our polling stations making it difficult for election thieves to manipulate the plebiscite. No polling area should be left without a minimum of three polling agents to avert rigging and other malpractices. We call upon all change proponents to undertake serious vetting during the recruitment and training of these agents.

The issue of illegitimacy should be solved once and for all. We want capable agents ready to resist bribery and intimidation from the regime that has dismally failed to revamp the sunken Titanic. The people of Zimbabwe must be ready to glimpse a transparent election process on the 23rd of August 2023. Agents should not consider immediate material and financial benefits on the day in question but a comprehensive socio-economic transfiguration under the able leadership of President Advocate Nelson Chamisa.

Our biggest undoing all along was the inability to recruit and train sufficient polling agents ahead of general elections. This time, our party should deal with the fundamental issues to do the management of polling areas.









CCC Namibia Rundu
Branch Champion
Robson Ruhanya