Controversial Businessman Crosses Zanu PF Chef’s Path
7 June 2023
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Harare- Controversial Dubai based businessman and Presidential Investment Advisor Tempter Paul Tungwarara is under fire from senior Zanu PF officials (names withheld) who accuse him of shady deals that are not in tandem with principles of the Second Republic,Express Mail Zim can reveal.

The scathing allegations coincide with his invitation of Dubai based billionaire investors pencilled for June 21.

Tungwarara has been trailed with accusations of defrauding seven investors of US$2million .

He lured United Arab Emirates based investor ,Mulk International on a US$500 million investment of Cyber City which covers 2,5 million square metres of land and will have 250 townhouses and more than 80 luxury villas.”

Tungwarara is a schemer, he is bringing investors this month but he has dodgy deals and most of his contracts are full of irregularities and accusations of bribes to land these lucrative deals.”

His company Paulo Construction has appeared in court more than six times answering to allegations of fraud and money laundering.”

This is in the period of between 2018 and 2021 and he paid the local justice delivery system and it boggles the mind how a person of such questionable integrity is awarded national projects like borehole drilling,” said our impeccable source who preffered anonymity.

When Express Mail Zim contacted Tungwarara for comment Tuesday, he could neither confirm nor deny the allegations but challenged this publication to produce evidence and threatened to sue for cyber bullying .

“Bring evidence other wise I will report cyber bullying.”

I am tired of this bullying ,I I have been responding to such several times,” he said.

He conferred himself with bragging rights of one of the major ‘magnets’ of foreign investors into Zimbabwe.”Yes we can not disturb investors to come to Zimbabwe just because you want to write something in news paper” How can you say I am not fit yet I am bringing investors.”

Gore rese writing same story (how can you spend the whole year writing the same story) that has no evidence that’s cyber bullying data protection law rule.”

We have investors coming on 21 (June) big investors to invest and people want to tarnish that.”

Ndiyani akaita zvinobatika, so far I have brought major investments to Zimbabwe, ” said Tungwarara.

Meanwhile, the businessman recently launched the first Zimbabwean owned one stop social media chat application called Talk Chart wherein he is working with the Ministry of Information Communication Technology.

-Express Mail