Qoki Frauds Part 6
8 June 2023
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By Nozolo Ndazi | Fraud is a serious issue that can have a significant impact on investors. Unfortunately, some investors may not be aware of ongoing court cases or legal disputes that could affect their investments. This is the case with the ongoing court case HC438/22 at the Bulawayo High Court over a land dispute for Lot 2A Nondweni a Qoki Zindlovukazi Investments project, which was gazetted in 2006 by the Zimbabwean government under the land acquisition act.

The development means the land can not be sold or traded in any way, a horror which is even worse seeing the many statements that reveal that no farmlands are supposed to be bought or sold in the first place. Anyone who sells agricultural land is a fraudster, President Mnangagwa said in Washington last year. He added to many statements uttered by government ministers that explain further that agricultural land is sacrosanct.

Investors who purchased land at Nondweni 2 have not been informed about this ongoing court case, which could put their investment at risk. It is important for investors to do their due diligence and research any legal disputes or court cases that may affect their investments. This can help investors make informed decisions and avoid potential fraud or legal issues.

Investors should also work with reputable and trustworthy investment firms or brokers who have a track record of providing honest and transparent information to their clients. This can help investors avoid fraudulent investment opportunities and protect their investments.

In conclusion, investors should always be vigilant and do their research before making any investment decisions. They should work with reputable investment firms and brokers who provide honest and transparent information to their clients. By taking these steps, investors can protect themselves from fraud and make informed investment decisions.