Zanu PF In Chamisa Election Defeat Panic
11 June 2023
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By- Several senior Zanu PF officials have said their party risks losing the August 2023 polls to the opposition if the economic conditions are not fixed.

During the party’s week-long induction workshop that ended recently in Gweru, party officials, particularly parliamentary candidates, criticized Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube for failing to address the nation’s crises. NewsDay was told:

Ncube was grilled over the failing economy and inflation.

Ncube was told that the economy was Zanu PF’s number one enemy going into the elections.

The MPs were expressing fears that the run-away inflation might cost our party seats in the upcoming elections.

This was a real concern and Ncube promised to deal with the economy.

The senior party officials, including 210 aspiring MPs, youth, and women quota members, attended the five-day election induction workshop.

The Finance Minister presented on the state of the economy, assuring the party officials that the economy would stabilize ahead of the August 23 elections. However, the MPs expressed fears that the country’s runaway inflation might cost the party seats in the upcoming elections.

The officials demanded that the government urgently address the economic crisis to prevent further damage to the country’s economy.

ZANU-PF’s National Political Commissar, Mike Bimha, stated that he cannot disclose any information regarding the party’s internal discussions at the meeting. He said:

Just imagine disclosing your strategies before a football match, this is not proper.

Prices of essential goods are rising on a daily basis as the local currency continues to depreciate against the US dollar. The government has not reintroduced the US dollar as the official currency despite growing pressure to do so.

Zimbabwe is going to the polls on the 23rd of August to elect councillors, senators, members of the House of Assembly and the president. While ZANU-PF has accelerated its preparations for the upcoming elections, the Citizens Coalitions for Change is yet to complete its candidate selection process. The ruling party has provided campaign regalia for all its aspiring candidates and purchased 210 all-terrain vehicles for its parliamentary candidates and affiliates.