“Olinda Chapel Thoroughly Bashed By Tyson, Oops Tallyn, I’m Telling”
12 June 2023
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Zimbabweans mock felebrity Olinda Chapel over her claims that she was assaulted by Tyson, oops Talyn Ndudzo in Birmingham at the weekend.


A caricature of Olinda Chapel

By Showbiz Reporter | Birmingham | The below is a transcript of the full police report by Oxford based sociallite Olinda Chapel over an incident she alleges involved assaults against her on Saturday evening by relationship ‘doctor’ Talyn Ndudzo.

Olinda Chapel: The police are here. Good evening!.

Officer: What’s going on?

Olinda: I am not okay. I am very upset. We had a meeting scheduled this afternoon, I don’t live here, I live in Oxford, I am a businesswoman.

Officer: Okay.

Olinda: We had an event a meeting that we were planning, that was scheduled for this afternoon at 3 in the afternoon. She couldn’t make it at 3, she changed it to 9.30. She couldn’t make it for 9.30, so I went booked a hotel, and I went to sleep. My phone goes on automatic do not disturb on 10 o clock, so that I… no one calls after hours.

The only people that can ring me are my emergency contacts, like my children. My oldest then called me and said mum she is finally here because she was late because of the detours, right? I was literally sleeping. I even said let’s have the meeting at breakfast because it is late at night. Correct.

I get here then they just insisted let’s have the meeting and I said okay, let’s just come and I get dressed. I got here, I find this girl Talyn, that I have very bad history with from.

Officer: Called?

Olinda: By the name Talyn, Talyn, the one that’s just hit me.

Leo: No one got hit, I was l …. (sic)

Olinda: You what? No one got hit [AFFIRMATION].

Leo: Right, basically,

Olinda: Hold on, sorry, Leo step out of this.

Officer: Right, you speak to me, you speak to me.

Olinda: Don’t say, no one got hit, I’ve got bruises on me.

Don’t say no one got hit, when she was hutting Dexter. Leo, if you lie, if you lie, trying to protect this girl, this is not right.

Officer: Speak to me.

Olinda: As you can see I’ve got bruises on my hands, like literally there, under my cheek and what do you call this? Where she came to me and she punched me by the bar. I grabbed my bag to leave because I said I am not going to speak qith this girl, I don’t do business with this girl. I don’t associate with her, I need to leave.

I got my bag to leave, she decided to start attacking me. When she started attacking me, all these other guys including the person that owns this building, that owns this restaurant came in front of her and she started hitting him instead because he was protecting me, right? The shevmamaged ti slplip away from everybody, then she did, what do you call this? I was beside the second bar, because there is another exit. She came again and she started attacking me. Now she had 3 guys,3 or 4 guys trying to restrain her . She was screaming and shouting; even her own Officer that was on the phone could hear her, saying: you’ve got HIV! You are this, you are that. Screaming, being discriminated against. In that restaurant, and your own Officer that took the 999 call heard her on the phone. She was erratic. She was grabbing knives in this restaurant. She was grabbing knives and glasses trying to attack me. There is CCTV in that whole building, that’s when I called the police and I had to use the back entrance to come out using that entrance, for me to leave the building. She is in there right now.

Officer: Okay.

Olinda: So I am pressing charges for assault, for GBH whatever it is, the discrimination against my disability that to me it’s a protected characteristic, whatever law that is there against it, I am very serious, because I feel trapped. I felt the fact that I was called out here to be attacked, yet I had refused. I have got missed calls on my phone; people calling me, asking me to come for a meeting at this hour, only for me to walk in within 3 minutes I am being attacked for what? It’s not on.

Officer: Okay right. So she is in there right?

Olinda: She is in there and I caught it, and all her erratic behaviour, it’s on Facebook live when she was behaving the way she was behaving there, it’s all on video. And Leo don’t lie, because it’s all video, it was on facebook live everything she was doing.


I’ve got bruises in my mouth right now, my gums are bleeding.


Leo, don’t lie, Leo do not lie to protect Talyn, because I’ve got it on video.


This is me, look at this; cuts and bruises on my mouth. That’s just literally happened, you can see them yourself. I can’t believe Leo is doing this… – ZimEye