Is Chief Gutu A Zanu PF Member ?
13 June 2023
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Does Chief Gutu belong to one party or the other?

His ruling on Friday and many statements he makes at funerals smacks just that.

On Friday he ordered CCC Ward 38 candidate Andersen Singende to pay 4 beasts to his Zanu PF opponent and Councillor Takawira Chezhira on allegations that Singende was spreading rumours that the latter was caught red handed with a married woman. What makes the decision predetermined is that Chief Gutu did not allow Singende’s witnesses to give their accounts while all witnesses from the complainant gave evidence. Singende as the accused paid US$50 to appear before the courts. 4 beasts can fetch US$2 400 and only High Courts grant such high levels of damages for defamation. The chief must remember that a good leader is a protector of his people and not an appendage to a system that makes his people suffer!