Serving Inmate Dies At Harare Magistrate Courts
14 June 2023
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By-A convicted inmate has died while serving at the Harare Magistrate Courts’ canteen area.

It is believed that he might have been electrocuted, while others suspect that he could have suffered a cardiac arrest.
The inmate, who Tuesday came on duty fit was collecting some vegetables at the back of the canteen where he cooks food for other inmates when he suddenly fell.
One of the people who witnessed him collapsing said she thought he had fainted.
“ l was passing by when l saw this guy suddenly falling down. He was on his own and he started having spasms facing upwards and within a few minutes, he had already died,” said the woman who refused to be named.
People at the scene described the incident as strange.
“To say that this guy might have been electrocuted does not make sense because there are people who work here everyday and such has never happened.
“His body did not change colour and l hear people from TelOne have said all the cables are okay,” said a man who identified himself only as Shepherd.