Sikhala’s Spokesman Leads CCC Front Runner
19 June 2023
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Fred Masarirevu Emerges as a Front Runner to Represent Citizens Coalition for Change in Upcoming Elections.

By A Correspondent | In the face of persecution and adversity, the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has remained resolute in its pursuit of democracy and justice in the country. One of its key figures, Fred Masarirevu, a human rights lawyer and spokesperson for persecuted MP Job Sikhala, has now emerged as a front runner in the race to represent the CCC in the forthcoming harmonized elections. With a proven political track record and a dedication to championing human rights, Masarirevu has gained significant support and recognition within the CCC.

Successful Nominations:
The CCC recently hosted its nominations for candidates, where members had the opportunity to put forward individuals to represent their cause. Fred Masarirevu, with his extensive experience and commitment to social justice, garnered significant attention during this process. Displaying his strong appeal and support base, Masarirevu came in first place in three wards and second place in two wards, securing a prominent position as a front runner within the CCC.

Proven Political Track Record:
Masarirevu’s rise to prominence within the CCC is not surprising considering his track record of successful political activism. During previous elections, he took a leadership role in mobilizing and assisting young people to register and vote for the Citizens Coalition for Change’s champion, Advocate Nelson Chamisa. His efforts in rallying the youth and encouraging their active participation in the political process demonstrated his ability to inspire and mobilize communities, making him a respected figure within the CCC.

Human Rights Advocacy:
As a human rights lawyer, Masarirevu has dedicated his career to defending the rights of individuals who have faced persecution and oppression. His tireless efforts to represent human rights defenders in the courts have earned him a reputation for being a fearless advocate for justice. By standing up for those whose voices have been silenced, Masarirevu has demonstrated his unwavering commitment to protecting and promoting the rights of all citizens.

Promise of a Legal Clinic:
In addition to his political aspirations, Masarirevu has pledged to establish a legal clinic in St. Marys. This initiative aims to provide legal support and services to individuals who have been marginalized or denied access to justice. By setting up a legal clinic, Masarirevu intends to bridge the gap between those in need of legal assistance and the resources available to them. This promise reflects his dedication to empowering and uplifting communities, ensuring that justice is accessible to all.

The Road Ahead:
The final nomination process for the CCC is currently underway across the country in preparation for the 2023 harmonized elections, scheduled for August 23. With his impressive performance in the preliminary nominations and his well-established reputation as a human rights lawyer, Fred Masarirevu is in a strong position to secure the CCC’s nomination. His leadership, political acumen, and commitment to human rights make him a promising candidate to represent the CCC and advocate for positive change in the forthcoming elections.

As the CCC prepares for the upcoming harmonized elections, Fred Masarirevu has emerged as a front runner to represent their cause. Through his proven political track record, dedication to human rights advocacy, and promise of establishing a legal clinic, Masarirevu has garnered support and recognition within the CCC and beyond. His potential candidacy serves as a testament to the resilience and determination of those fighting for democracy and justice in the face of persecution. With the final nominations underway, the CCC and its supporters eagerly await the opportunity to vote for a candidate who embodies their values and aspirations for a better future.