Do Marry Chiwenga Attempted Murder Charges Make Sense?
27 June 2023
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By Dorrothy Moyo | In a surprising twist of events, allegations of attempted murder have emerged against Marry Chiwenga, the former wife of Constantino Chiwenga, the Vice President of Zimbabwe. The accusations stem from a bodyguard’s claim that Marry attempted to disconnect the cables sustaining the ailing Vice President during his stay in a South African hospital in 2019. However, the absence of any police case, investigation, or even allegations made within the hospital raises significant doubts about the credibility of these claims.

Marry Chiwenga has strongly challenged her accusers, demanding evidence to support the allegations. She has even gone so far as to ask for pictures to identify the cables in question, further emphasizing the lack of substance behind the accusations. Many analysts have questioned the credibility of the allegations, considering the absence of any official complaint or investigation into the matter.

Moreover, it is worth noting that Marry Chiwenga herself was a victim of a bombing and poisoning incident in June 2018, which targeted both her and her husband. These incidents resulted in severe injuries and illness for Marry, making it highly unlikely that she would subsequently attempt to harm her husband. She has claimed that there were individuals sent by the government to her husband’s bedside in China who spread falsehoods about her intentions, further casting doubt on the veracity of the allegations.

One commentator, Tambudzai Tambudzai, sarcastically raises a valid point by asking, “Why didn’t Marry Chiwenga just kill the VP immediately if it was possible?” This question challenges the logic behind the allegations, suggesting that if Marry indeed had the intention to harm her husband, she could have done so without resorting to a purportedly elaborate plan involving hospital cables.

The absence of any recorded crime or investigation in South Africa, where the alleged incident took place, adds another layer of skepticism to the allegations. It raises questions about the timing and motives behind these accusations, especially considering the absence of supporting evidence or formal legal action.

While it is crucial to consider all claims seriously, it is equally important to scrutinize the credibility and verifiability of such allegations. In the case of Marry Chiwenga, the lack of an official investigation, police case, or even allegations within the hospital casts doubt on the validity of the accusations of attempted murder. As the controversy unfolds, it remains to be seen whether these allegations will gain any substantial traction or if they will be dismissed as baseless and unfounded.

In 2019, allegations emerged accusing Marry Chiwenga, the then-wife of Constantino Chiwenga, of attempting to murder her husband while he was receiving medical treatment in South Africa. However, with no police case ever launched against Marry Chiwenga, nor any investigation or official allegation made within the hospital where the Vice President was being treated, analysts are questioning the credibility of these claims.

The allegations were initially raised by a bodyguard who claimed that Marry attempted to pull the cables sustaining Vice President Constantino Chiwenga. Marry Chiwenga has responded by challenging her accusers, demanding evidence and even providing pictures to challenge the credibility of the allegations. She raises a valid point: if these allegations were true, why was no police case initiated, and why wasn’t there any investigation or official accusation made within the hospital itself?

One must consider the broader context surrounding Marry Chiwenga’s case. She herself has been a victim of previous attacks, suffering injuries and illness following a bombing incident in June 2018 that targeted her and her husband. It is worth noting that she was the first to experience these unfortunate events. Marry Chiwenga has also stated that there were four individuals, allegedly sent by the government, who spread falsehoods and accused her of intending harm to her husband while he was receiving treatment in China. These factors cast doubt on the veracity of the allegations against her.

Furthermore, it is essential to question the logic behind the alleged attempted murder. If Marry Chiwenga truly intended to harm her husband, why didn’t she act immediately? The absence of any substantiated evidence or a police investigation at the time raises doubts about the authenticity of the allegations. This perspective is humorously echoed by Tambudzai Tambudzai, who sarcastically asks, “So why didn’t Marry Chiwenga just kill the VP immediately if it was possible?”

In light of the absence of concrete evidence and the lack of official action taken against Marry Chiwenga, it is crucial to exercise caution in accepting these allegations as fact. Accusing someone of such a grave crime without proper investigation or evidence can lead to damaging consequences for the individual involved. It is essential to consider all available information and allow for a fair and thorough examination of the allegations before reaching any conclusions.

As the story surrounding Marry Chiwenga unfolds, it becomes increasingly evident that there are significant doubts regarding the veracity of the attempted murder allegations made against her. Without concrete evidence or an official investigation, it is premature to assume her guilt. It is imperative to separate sensational claims from substantiated facts and allow due process to take its course before passing judgment.