FULL STATEMENT: Heal Zimbabwe Statement Remembering 27 June 2008
27 June 2023
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Today marks 15 years since the infamous 27 June 2008 rerun election that was characterized by violence that claimed lives, livelihoods and permanently changed the course of our history.

Heal Zimbabwe Trust joins the rest of the nation in remembering the more than 200 lives that were lost to political violence. We will not forget the thousands of Zimbabweans who were displaced, whose livelihoods were destroyed and their lives changed forever. Heal Zimbabwe has since 2010 worked with survivors and the families of victims of the 2008 violence to memorialize the victims while bringing healing and reconciliation to the communities worst affected by the violence in a bid to prevent a repeat of another 2008. We continue calling the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission to bring healing, reconciliation and wholesome transitional justice to bring finality to this dark chapter in our history.

15 years later Zimbabwe is facing another hotly contested election. We appeal to all political protagonists to come together #AsOne people to promote and protect peace, tolerance and harmony in the diversity of political convictions. We urge all political parties to resolve all disputes amicably through the Multi Party Liaison Committee. We call the police to fairly execute their Constitutional duties in the maintenance of law and order in line with the UN Code of Conduct for Law Enforcement Officials and enforce the law guided by Section 219 of the Constitution. The Special Investigative Units established by Section 133J of the Electoral Act must investigate, prosecution and bring to justice all perpetrators of political violence and intimidation.

We urge all Chapter 12 Commissions to promote and protect our fragile peace, human rights and democratic values as the nation goes to another election. We also take this opportunity to remind President Mnangagwa to appoint the Independent Complaints Commission in time to protect ordinary citizens from human rights violations that might be committed by the uniformed forces as happened in 2008 and 2018.

Heal Zimbabwe calls on all ordinary Zimbabweans to say NO to political violence, intolerance and hate speech. Through our #AsOne Peace Campaign, we continue to work with communities in the promotion of peaceful participation, political tolerance and the indefatigable values of UBUNTU that bind all us in harmony.

Heal Zimbabwe: Celebrating Diversity. Overcoming Adversity.