Zanu PF Dumps Party Propaganda Gingle Maker For Mambo Dhuterere
27 June 2023
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By- Zanu PF has hired the services of Mambo Dhuterere for its election campaign gingles and ditched the party’s praise singer Chief Shumba Hwenje.

Hwenje is known for the song “ED Pfee”, which became an anthem at ZANU PF rallies ahead of the 2018 elections.
He recently released an album cover art and tracklist for an album set to be released ahead of the elections.
The album titled “Special Branch” carries 10 tracks- ED Chete, More Fire, Huchi, Saka Uchaita Sei, State House, Shumba Ngavapinde, Ndomuvhotera Chete, Chakabatwa Kuti Dzvii, Mai Wellie, and Mpela Mpela.
According to the Standard reported Hwenje was informed that Mambo Dhuterere was going to be the official campaign praise singer and is set to release an album ahead of the elections. Said the source in the Standard:
Hwenje was ready to entertain party supporters and also praise Mnangagwa.
He is a tried and tested musician and it came as a surprise that Mambo Dhuterere was going to take Hwenje’s place after all the preparations.
Mambo Dhuterere is set to release songs that praise Mnangagwa that will be used during ZANU PF’s campaign.
The musician has two yet-to-be-released songs that praise Mnangagwa.
One of them is titled “ZANU PF Kuwinner Mugariro” and another one features musician-cum politician Sandra Ndebele.
Ndebele is running for a municipal seat in Ward 20, Pelandaba-Tshabalala in Bulawayo under a ZANU PF ticket.
Pride Mkono, a political analyst and activist castigated musicians who get involved in politics for money. Said Mkono:
Most of these so-called musicians are opportunists and political activists of the ruling party hiding behind art.
It is an indictment that they have been trying to reinvent themselves through politics when most of their careers are all but done.
To them, joining politics is being part of the gravy train.
They want to eat with the elites who are oppressing and stealing from the masses.
Mambo Dhuterere launched his album “Nadah Pachiputukezi” in January 2023 at a ceremony that was held at the Harare International Conference Centre and graced by politicians, mainly from ZANU PF.
At the launch, the album was auctioned for US$30 000.