Mnangagwa Cruelly Parades Son Of Another Majonga-Jump Love Rival At Bulilima
2 July 2023
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Mnangagwa Cruelly Displays Another Majonga-Style Love Rival At Rally.

By Farai D Hove | Emmerson Mnangagwa, the leader of Zimbabwe’s ZANU PF party, at the weekend made headlines for his shocking display at a party rally in Bulilima where he openly bragged about the son of another man he violently paralyzed (between the 15 Nov 2017 military coup and his death on 6th Sept 2019), mirroring a similar incident involving his love rival Godfrey Majonga, he reportedly forced to jump from a 5th floor apartment in 1987. (On 15 Nov 2017, President Robert Mugabe was ordered by Mnangagwa’s men to sit on a hot stove-a-military overthrowal, and a violent military engineered impeachment-5th-floor-jump as it were, just so that Mnangagwa can be-husband the country illegally). Mnangagwa has since the 1980s demonstrated a disturbing pattern of cruelty and abuse of power against love rivals. This analysis aims to delve into the implications of Mnangagwa’s actions and shed light on the broader context of his leadership.

Only Emmerson Mnangagwa’s son’s statements are important, Robert Mugabe junior has to be muzzled, George Charamba cruelly displays of the love-victim’s son on his Twitter portal

The background to the display is that: At rally in 2017, then President Robert Mugabe revealed how Mnangagwa made Majonga jump from a high rise building. Mugabe said when Mnangagwa found Majonga at the woman’s flat, he forced Majonga to choose between sitting on a red hot stove or jumping to his death from the third floor of a high rise building in Harare. The former President said Majonga went for the “easy route” of jumping through the window of the flat. In 2017, Majonga declined to comment on the incident referring journalists to the generators of the allegations.

A Culture of Paralyzing Rivals

The rally in Bulilima where Mnangagwa brazenly displayed his son standing aside Robert Mugabe junior served as a brazen platform for Mnangagwa to communicate his disregard for the lives he has impacted through violent means. His open association with the son of a paralyzed man, in addition to the infamous incident involving Godfrey Majonga, underscores a deeply concerning pattern. Mnangagwa’s actions suggest that he views the paralysis of his rivals as a symbol of his dominance and control over both personal relationships and political power.

Cruelty Towards the Children of Victims

Mnangagwa’s insensitivity reaches new heights as he shamelessly displays his association with the children of those whose lives he has ended or ruined. By proudly standing alongside the son of a paralyzed man, he sends a chilling message to all victims, implying that they must endure the consequences of his actions without protest. This callous attitude towards the children of his victims highlights a lack of empathy and an alarming disregard for the ongoing trauma experienced by affected families.

The Gukurahundi Legacy: An Ongoing Operation

Mnangagwa’s rally appearance also resurrects the dark shadow of the Gukurahundi atrocities, a violent operation that claimed the lives of thousands of civilians in the 1980s. His reference to the “Gukurahundi rain” as a justification for deploying the army against those he deems responsible for stopping the rain reveals a disturbing continuity. Despite officially claiming the end of the operation in 1984, Mnangagwa’s words and actions suggest that the culture of violence and suppression persists even four decades later.

Zimbabwe as Mnangagwa’s Personal Project

Analysts and critics have accused Mnangagwa of transforming Zimbabwe into a personal project, consolidating control over various institutions and eroding democratic principles. By pursuing his own interests and attempting to bend the nation to his will, Mnangagwa has turned Zimbabwe into a figurative woman he desires to “bed.” This power play extends beyond personal relationships and extends into the very fabric of the country’s governance, stifling dissent and curtailing the independence of institutions.

The Mugabe Son Display: A Message of Compliance

Mnangagwa’s alignment with Robert Junior Mugabe, the son of the late President Robert Mugabe, holds significant symbolic weight. By associating himself with someone historically seen as an obstacle to his ambitions, Mnangagwa implies that his victims, including the children of his adversaries, should comply with his actions and accept their subjugation. This display reinforces the message that resistance or opposition to Mnangagwa’s rule will be met with severe consequences.

Emmerson Mnangagwa’s display at the party rally in Bulilima is a disturbing testament to the depths of his cruelty and the abuse of power. By parading his association with paralyzed individuals and their families, he exhibits a shocking lack of empathy. Moreover, his reference to the ongoing Gukurahundi legacy and his transformation of Zimbabwe into a personal project highlight the erosion of democratic values. It is imperative that such actions are met with scrutiny and condemnation, as they have far-reaching implications for the nation’s stability and the well-being of its citizens.